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Name & Job Title:
Job Description:
Lester Blackett:
Head of Department with
overall responsibility for all
aspects of Disaster
Management including
Annual Budget preparations
and Financial control.
Strategic planning and
overall coordination of
Disaster Management
activities. Updating and
maintaining the website.
Security arrangements.
Secretary of the Nevis
Disaster Management Cmte.
Lester Blackett
Brian Dyer
Project Manager
Responsible for Project
Management (Local &
Regional) and to provide
support to the Director. Also
works with other areas in
support of the overall
mandate including the
Community Liaison role and
technical support to other
staff members.
Gracelyn Elliott
Community Liaison Officer
To be responsible for
establishing and maintaining
District/Village Committees
and Groups, in addition to
providing support to the
Director. Also responsible
for compilation of damage
assessment and needs
analysis. Responsible for the
warehouse management
and inventory.
Jack Ngumbah
Communications Officer
Responsible for Public
Awareness and Education
matters, in addition to
providing support to the
Director. This includes
liaison with radio, TV, print
media and producing
monthly or quarterly
newsletters, brochures and
other informational material.
Production of the weekly
radio and TV programs,
video & audio production.
Vera Herbert
Responsible for office
management, filing and other
secretarial/clerical tasks,
including tracking of capital &
recurrent expenditure using
FITRIX. Also responsible for
Administrative tasks.
Vera Herbert
Lisa Manners
Assist in the management of
the Office, filing and other
secretarial/clerical tasks.
Also to assist in
Administrative tasks.
Lisa Manners
Ian Fraser
Office Attendant
Duties as assigned,
including Warehouse
upkeep, messages, mail
distribution, general  &
equipment maintenance
Ian Fraser
To be updated
Rovena Jeffers
General cleaning and
maintenance of the
Emergency Operations
Center (EOC) & Offices
The "Nevis Disaster Management Department" (NDMD) will develop and coordinate the implementation of Comprehensive Disaster
Management for Nevis
, for the present and future, and shall strive to develop its resources, along with those of the public and private sector, to
maximize efforts to prevent, prepare for, mitigate, respond to, recover and restore from, the effects of hazards.
Will also coordinate with NEMA