Plan Now! Don’t Wait! Disasters Don’t Discriminate!
By: Andrew “Murray” Hendrickson
14th July 2008

Don’t wait until there’s a disaster,
Don’t wait until destruction comes,
Don’t wait till hurricane is raging
To focus on evacuation;
Prepare, first put your house in order,
Don’t wait until precious time is lost,
Take action reduce your risks and losses,
Preparedness reduces heavy costs.

When it comes to natural disaster,
Preparedness is the key,
When it comes to man made disaster,
Prevention is the key,
Prepare yourselves for disaster,
Save life and property
Plan now, don’t wait,
Disasters don’t discriminate!

Don’t wait until the earth is quaking,
Don’t wait until the waters flood,
Don’t wait until you have an accident,
Or eruption spurting lava like blood,
We can also have ourselves a tsunami,
Or wild fire that over runs the land,
Whether natural or man made disaster,
Preparedness reduces devastation.

Safety is what we have to aim for,
Safety in theory and practice,
Take action, take out some insurance
Disaster preparedness is serious business,
The Nevis Disaster Management Department,
They provide you with all the safety tips,
Check their website to increase our knowledge,
Or check them out at their office.
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Andrew "Murray" Hendrickson
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