Remarks by the Chairman : Brian Dyer - Project Officer
Nevis Disaster Management Department (NDMD)

Mr. Starret Greene Organization of American States Representative for St. Kitts and Nevis, welcome and I hope your journey to Nevis
was a pleasant one. Ms. Angelica Elliot, Permanent Secretary in the Premier’s Ministry, Ms. Audrey Mullings Facilitator, United States
Agency for International Development - Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, other members of the USAID OFDA delegation, welcome
to the island of Nevis. It is a lovely island, I do hope you partake of its many benefits and delights and enjoy yourself in the time that you
are here with us. Mrs. Nicole Slack Liburd, Health Disaster Coordinator, Mr. Lester Blackett Director NDMD, Participants, Media
Houses, Co-workers, Ladies and Gentlemen.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome to you to the Llewellyn Newton Disaster Management Facility and the opening ceremony of the
School Safety Workshop.

The Organization of American States, through its Special Multilateral Fund for the Inter-American Council for Integral Development
(FEMCIDI), and the Nevis Island Administration are the proud sponsors of the Disaster Management and Mitigation Project for the island
of Nevis.  This project launched in June of 2010 will be completed within the agreed fourteen-month period. It is comprised of four main
outputs aimed at enhancing awareness of the comprehensive disaster management strategies. It involves strengthening institutional
capacity, enacting appropriate legislation and regulations, and streamlining disaster management operations. The School Safety
Workshop is the second activity to be completed.

As disaster managers rethinking our emergency system is a continuous process. While performing such an exercise on Nevis, it was
recognized that a deficiency existed in the approach to comprehensive disaster and emergency preparedness within the schools.  The
School Safety workshop was designed specifically to address the deficiency and to standardize the school safety framework. This
successful workshop has been conducted across the Latin American and Caribbean Region. From a disaster manager stand point; the
objective of this workshop is to integrate prevention, mitigation and preparedness efforts in schools to save lives and impact
communities. This can be accomplished by:

•        Enhancing Safety and Risk Management within the Department of Education
•        Increasing the Safety Awareness in the performance of duties and tasks
•        Focusing attention on comprehensive disaster management strategies
•        Encouraging documentation and reporting of Accidents & Incidents
•        Enabling the participants to recognize unsafe acts and apply corrective measures
•        Encouraging the establishment of Public Address (PA) systems within schools

Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot avoid this opportunity to highlight the multi stakeholder partnership amongst the Organization of American
States, through its Special Multilateral Fund for the Inter-American Council for Integral Development (FEMCIDI), the Nevis Island
Administration and the United States Agency for International Development – Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID – OFDA).
This partnership must be commended. For it is through this partnership, and commitment we are all here to witness the timely delivery of
the School Safety workshop.

It is my conviction that your deliberations during the course of the next three (3) days will enlighten and pave the way for the eventual
implementation of the School Safety Program. An emergency exercise will be conducted on the afternoon of the third day. On Friday of
this week a contingent of eight (8) participants and two (2) members from the NDMD will travel to St. Kitts for a one-day consultation on
the way forward for implementing the school safety program. I hope you find these activities rewarding.

Remember, it is an individual’s responsibility to be aware of the hazards, which may affect the immediate environment, and the
procedures to be employed to reduce their effects.

As coordinator for this workshop, I look forward to the collaboration with all participants and facilitators alike and I stand ready to provide
any support that would be required to bring a successful conclusion to this week’s activities.

Again, I welcome all to the opening ceremony of the School Safety Workshop and I now invite………………..
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