The aim of the partner agencies in this multi-agency and multi-sectoral project is to streamline disaster management by focusing on pre and post
disaster management processes including mitigation; impact assessment capabilities; focused legislation; regulatory standards; evaluation and
enhancement of organizational capabilities; public awareness and the production of disaster management plans.

The project will:

•        enable the Nevis Island Administration to more accurately assess the impact of natural disasters on the economy and therefore the livelihood of
its citizens, in addition to providing base line data and useful information for future events
•        provide technical support and evidence for the government when making request for financial assistance from regional and international
•        regularize planning processes by providing standards, regulations and guidelines
•        provide training in a number of areas including total impact assessment (natural hazard, environmental and economic) and in planning
development and control
•        provide information to the general public on all selected aspects relating to physical and economic planning and disaster management
•        provide equipment for use in various training programs and for use in disaster management situations
•        provide significantly enhanced Disaster Management plan, structure, policies and processes to the benefit of all stakeholders
•        enhance the vetting of development activities so that they can be sustainable for current and future generations, so that full economic and
social benefits can be realized
•        ensure that mitigation planning is integrated into all essential aspects of the institutional framework resulting in risk reduction measures
•        enhance the capabilities of selected agencies through a review of the organization, identifying required skills/training to ensure the ability to
undertake appropriate mitigation activities
•        develop additional mechanisms to prepare for and recover from disasters which affect the tourism infrastructure and product
•        develop school based disaster programmes accessible to students, creating greater awareness and education.

Specific elements of the Project to be completed by July 2011, a duration of 14 months, includes:

Capacity Strengthening for Economic Planning Department and other agencies to include workshop of 4 days duration to train 25 participants to
conduct an Economic Impact Assessment after a natural disaster. It is the intention to evaluate the impact of Hurricane Omar as an exercise.

Capacity Strengthening for Physical Planning Department which will involve the provision of technical assistance for the drafting and development of
planning standards, regulations and guidelines. Also for improvement of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) incorporating Natural Hazard
Impact Assessment (NHIA) procedures as a standard development assessment coupled with training of key personnel to enforce existing the
regulations and standards, and to enhance the vetting and analysis of  EIA’s. Additionally, the incorporation of Natural Hazard Impact Assessments
(NHIA’s) as developed by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), into (Environmental Impact Assessments) EIA’s is also deemed essential and

Capacity Strengthening for Disaster Management Department to include the development a comprehensive Nevis Disaster Management Plan,
incorporating all the elements of Comprehensive Disaster Management as championed by CDEMA and with their support. This will involve information
gathering and needs assessment on a multi-agency level. The development of a schools-based disaster preparedness program building on existing
programs in the Primary & Secondary levels and involving available resources at the Department of Education and the schools, to create greater
awareness and education. The procurement of equipment is also a component of the project to enhance the use of information and communication
technologies and to cater to training needs.

Streamlining of all new Department procedures, public awareness, and sensitization of Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Authority utilizing a workshop
to streamline disaster management processes to sensitize and develop incentives and standards for the Tourism industry.
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