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FEATURES OF THE NDMD APP (additional features being attached daily)

Welcome to the unique/cutting edge Disaster Management App, designed by the Nevis Disaster Management Department (NDMD). The Free App is
a real time, innovative platform providing "on the go”
, critical, real-time information & awareness at a touch of your finger. The 100+ page App is
available at or via the NDMD website at Your Smart Phone QR Code Reader can also be used to capture
the application from the image shown
above. We offer the first Mobile Government App in Nevis or St. Kitts and one of the first Disaster/Emergency
Mobile Apps in the Caribbean.

Features of the App include the following:

  • Launch News items and Videos including a post launch Testimonial
  • Pages provided for viewer Feedback and Inquiries
  • Updates page provides details of changes and improvements since the launch
  • Appreciation Award received from the Chief of Como, the App provider

  • FREE App can be accessed anywhere, anytime with your Digicel, LIME or other smart phone or tablet
  • A flexible and interactive format with real time graphical presentations, information, daily updated hazard status
  • Real time alerts & warnings provided with targeted emergency notifications
  • Allows one-touch Calls and Emails to NDMD

  • Comprehensive disaster & emergency information, tips, audio/visual psa’s
  • Identifies Essential St. Kitts and Nevis agency & Shelter locations, directions, photos and map information
  • Disaster/Emergency Plans, hazard information & how to stay safe before/during/after a disaster
  • Children's disaster information and a readiness and games corner.
  • Access to NDMD Website, Facebook & Twitter Pages
  • Disaster Reports, Disaster Organization Websites, Regional and International support agencies
  • Disaster News - International, Regional & Local

  • Identification of the various Hazards by Types & provides information
  • Critical Health hazards e,g. Chikungunya, Ebola, Dengue
  • Tsunami alerts provided from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center plus information on "What To Do" in the event of a Tsunami
  • Earthquake Tips provided Before, During and After an event
  • What to do in the event of Flooding
  • Seismic information from the Puerto Rico Network
  • Real time Seismographs reading for selected areas in the Caribbean

  • Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale (classification of hurricanes by wind speed)
  • Weather news and information available real-time
  • Multiple and varied information on Hurricane & Storm including multiple graphic formats with advisories,forecasts, analysis, tracking, satellite
    and radar imagery and much more
  • Weather Forecasts for St. Kitts & Nevis and the Caribbean
  • Animated Radar for the North-east Caribbean and Puerto Rico areas
  • Weather Sites - Local, Regional and international
  • Hurricane forecast for 2014
  • Hurricane Precautions, supplies and Names for 2014 - 2019
  • Animated Atlantic and Caribbean satellite imagery

  • Search & Rescue information
  • Fire & Rescue Services information
  • Proper use of Fire Extinguishers

  • Access to “Live” Radio stations (currently only VON Radio - others to be added), your on-air link during disasters
  • General Alert Status on Home Page
  • Real-time flight schedules from/to Nevis & St. Kitts airports (with delay notification)
  • Information on ferry departures from both islands
  • Phone book access by name, company
  • Tips for Safe Driving
  • Past Disaster events (from 1626 - 2008) including the tragic Christena Disaster
  • Frequent Questions
  • Inquiries can be sent to NDMD

  • About Sponsors Caribbean Cable Communications (CCC) with Schedules, Promos, Triple Play Package available

  • Disaster Management Organizations (DMO's) including CDEMA, Country/Island Disaster Organizations, Regional & International Organizations
  • Websites and Facebook Pages for DMO's
  • Real-time news available from selected DMO's

  • Chairman's Corner by the Premier including the 2014 Premier's Budget Speech excerpt on Disaster Management
  • Director's Remarks
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Important Government Links
  • Key links for Disaster Management Agencies for Caribbean countries & related entities (one page per Country)

  • Event News items
  • Shelter Information & details including Nevis Shelter List, Map of Shelters in Nevis and St. Kitts, with shelter photos available when icon is clicked
  • Staff organization and personnel
  • NDMD Theme Song and Lyrics - "Plan Now! Don't Wait! Disasters Don't Discriminate!"
  • NDMD Website, Facebook & Twitter Pages and NEMA  Website (when available)
  • Disaster Plans with roles, responsibilities etc. for Nevis, St. Kitts and the Federation
  • NDMD planned/proposed Activities for 2014
  • Real-time Tidal Gauge reading available - installed and operational in St. Kitts

  • Children Disaster Game, Disaster Ready, Information with more to be posted

  • 1000's of Photos of Disaster Exercises, EOC/Office activities, Past and recent events, Tragic events and Workshops
  • Videos of various Hazards and Public Service Announcements (PSA's)
  • Audio recordings of PSA's, Theme song and Interviews