REMARKS BY CARL HERBERT - National Disaster Coordinator - St. Kitts/Nevis
on NDMO Website & Brochure launch, 12th July 2005, Nevis Red Cross building, Charlestown, Nevis

Ladies and Gentlemen, today’s launch brings us to a juncture on the road to strengthening disaster management on Nevis and by extention in the Caribbean.  As the
sixteen member states of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency (CDERA) strive to have disaster management incorporated in national development,
this work of art (the website), is an opportunity for each of us to choose what direction we will take, toward reducing the impact of disaster events on our various

This repository of information is an archive, a documentation center and an invaluable link to the disaster management community and to information locally and
worldwide.  I sincerely hope that we will use the website to broaden our knowledge base in support of the activities that the Nevis Disaster Management Office will
organize in the future.

This gathering is a celebration of hard work, patience, skill and creativity and a commitment to using technological advancement to reach various clients.  Mr.
Blackett and his team must be highly complimented and applauded for the long hours devoted to this initiative, in spite of very limited resources at their disposal.  
Thus, on behalf of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) on St. Kitts, I extend congratulations and for an excellent product of which I am sincerely
proud.  Well done Disaster Management Office, I salute you.

Carl Herbert
National Disaster Coordinator
July 12th, 2005
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Red Cross Building - 12th July 2005
Friday, July 15, 2005

                                         Premier Vance Amory launching NDMO website             Director NDMO - Lester Blackett

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis: With the Hurricane Season 2005 predicted to be a very active one, the Nevis Disaster Management Office (NDMO) has begun its
educational drive informing the populace of Nevis and the wider world on preparing for a disaster.

During a brief ceremony on Tuesday July 12 at the Red Cross Building in Charlestown, Premier and Chairman of Nevis Disaster Management Committee, Mr. Vance
Amory clicked the mouse to officially launch the Nevis Disaster Management Office Website and Brochure.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” said Premier Amory with a smile. “I’m gonna click this button right, but I want us to bear in mind always that we are so vulnerable to
storms that all of us must do what we have to do to mitigate it and this website is important. Thank you very much. I now launch this website by clicking this

He also gave the feature address where he reiterated the call for one to be prepared and to get as much knowledge as possible about hurricanes and natural disasters.

He said, “The knowledge which you will find there should enable you, who are users of the internet to have that knowledge which you can use to enable you to
prepare in your own division, personally and where you are in charge of a department or a private sector organization to become more aware of the information on
natural disasters, primarily hurricanes with which we are dealing with at this time.”

Premier Amory pointed out that the information received from the website would enable the government, through the Nevis Disaster Management Office, to be more
adequately prepared and to be more aware of what ought to be done were the island to be struck by a hurricane.

“I think we have had recent experiences and we know the level of dislocation which could be caused and it is my belief that with the knowledge which will appear on
this website that we could be more adequately able to mitigate against disaster which might affect Nevis.”

According to the Premier, the behaviour of hurricane/storm and the characteristic is very volatile and that it can change from hour to hour, from day to day. He
observed, “Even though we might feel that a storm may not (at the last advisory affect us) there is nothing like having current information to determine what in fact
is happening at the present moment.”

He expressed that it was his Cabinet’s intention to increase the allocation of the office of the Disaster Management and added, “I believe that that department has a
very critical role to play as we have seen in the last couple of months, the effects of flash floods, as we have seen in years gone by the effects of hurricanes and
other flash floods and storms that the department has to respond very quickly.

“It is my belief that we can strengthen the ability of that office to respond if we can supply that office with some dedicated tools and equipment which could be used
to respond and to prepare because I believe in the preparation it would help to reduce the impact of flash floods, the impact of hurricanes provided we can put things
into place in a timely manner,” he commented.

Director of NDMO Mr. Lester Blackett who is also the webmaster gave an overview of the site.

The website provides a vast collection of information such as the entire Nevis Disaster Plan which can be downloaded in sections, activities, bulletins, news items,
weather forecasts, storm advisories, hazards and hazard tips/advisories, photo albums, databases, workshops/conferences, agencies, budget address for 2005, links
to CEDRA, PAHO etc and soon to come a Chairman’s corner which will feature remarks by the Premier.
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