(during the Hurricane Season)
1. Stock up on suitable containers with lids for storing water. Ensure that all outside containers are covered where possible.
2. Purchase a supply of masking tape for taping of glass windows and glass doors.
3. Keep a supply of wood and nails to secure windows and other areas around the house.
4. If your home is not secured with Hurricane Shutters, purchase the necessary plywood to secure your windows and doors.
5. Keep your house in good repair. Check for loose roofing, windows, doors, sidings, rain gutters and down spouts.
6. Trees and branches overhanging your house should be trimmed. Trimmings, loose debris and other items should not be left lying around.
7. Check your Insurance Policy for adequate coverage.
8. Be aware of the location of the nearest Emergency Shelters in your area.
9. Make sure that all Emergency equipment is in good working order
10. Prepare your evacuation plans with your family and know how to reach emergency assistance.
11. If you own a boat, decide on a location to move it to, in case of an emergency.
12. Assemble a hurricane kit, if a hurricane watch or warning is issued. The kit may include: Baby Supplies, Bottled Drinking Water, Non-perishable Foods,
Prescription Medication, Batteries, Flashlights, Battery powered Radio, Lanterns, Change of Clothing, Toiletries, Cleaning Supplies, Disinfectant, Insect repellant, First
Aid Supplies, Garbage bags, Personal Documents, Books, Sleeping Bags.
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