Extrication Exercise - 4th Jan 2010
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As part of the Fire Rescue Service 10th
anniversary celebrations, a simulated vehicle
accident was staged on Main Street,
Charlestown, Nevis, today, Monday
December 04, 2009.

The simulated accident occurred at 10:46 a.
m. The purpose of the exercise was to test
the ability and state of readiness of the first
responders to such similar events if they do

Five victims were involved in the mock
exercise. Four were transported to the
hospital and one was pronounced ‘dead’ at
the scene by an attending medical doctor.

The first police officer arrived on the scene at
10:50a.m, while the first ambulance arrived at
10:55 a.m. The second ambulance arrived at
11:06 a.m.  The ‘dead body’ was transported
from the scene at 11:40 a.m.

While on the scene Nevispages got the
opinions of some onlookers. They mentioned
a few mistakes that they felt the fire fighters
made. Some of these included, not checking
the victims for vital signs; lack of traffic
control; and allowing media houses too close
to the scene.