The week of activities will commence on the 3rd of January 2010 and finish on the 10th January with activities being carried out
simultaneously between St. Kitts & Nevis.  Some of the Activities will be held in St. Kitts for both divisions.

Sunday 3rd – Church Service                  Eden Brown Church of God, Nevis
                                                               Antioch Baptist Church, St. Kitts

Monday 4th – Open Day:                           Drill Display - St. Kitts and Nevis

Tuesday 5th – Community Day:                 Nevis Division- visit the St Georges Senior Citizens Home
                                                               St. Kitts adopted the round about to the by-pass road in the vicinity of camps on the island main road

Wednesday 6th:                                          Kiddies Jamboree in St. Kitts at the Newtown playing field

Thursday 7th – Domino competition:       St. Kitts and Nevis - To be finalised

Friday 8th – Banquet/ Award ceremony:  Royal St. Kitts Hotel and Casino at 8:00pm

Saturday 9th – Fun Day/ Sport Day:           St.Kitts (Newtown playing field)
                                                                Gospel Concert in Nevis at the Cultural centre at 7:30pm

Sunday 10th – Family Day:                          St. Kitts at Cocker Shell bay, South East Peninsula
                                                                Sunday 24th in Nevis

The Fire and Rescue Services is in the process of celebrating its tenth anniversary as a separate entity from within the Royal St.
Christopher and Nevis Police Force.

In undertaking this celebration, a week of activities has been arranged to commemorate this occasion.   In this week of activities the organization will
seek to engage the community as to create a greater bond with each other. Officers from the Fire and Rescue Services will have the pleasure of
socializing not only with their peers which they presently work with but with all their peers in the organization of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.  
Families of officers will also share in the social interactions in participating in many of the activities in particular the kids.  The youths of the federation
will also be allowed to come and join us as we seek to positively influence and guide them against the negativity plaguing the federation presently.

I seek at this juncture on behalf of the Chief Fire Rescue Officer, Mr. Hester Rawlins and the members of the Fire and Rescue Services to extend our
appreciation for any cooperation and assistance that is granted to the Fire and Rescue Services.  We endeavor to work with you in keeping our
citizens and general public reliably inform and educated.

Abdias Samuel
Fire Sub Officer (FSO) & Public Relations Officer
Photos: Church Service below & Extrication Exercise
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