Shelters, Health Centers, Police Stations etc.
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Shelter: Girl Guide Headquarters, Stoney Grove
Shelter: Charlestown Primary School, Infant Block
Grove Park Pavilion, Grove Park
Shelter: Bath Community Center, Bath Village
Gas Stations
Health Facilities
Other Buildings
Shelter: Church of God, Cox Village
Nevis Tourism Authority, Charlestown
Charlestown Police Station
Charlestown Health Centre
Alexandra Hospital, Government Road
Gas Station, Reliable Motors, Charlestown
Shelter: Netball Complex, Charlestown
Shelter: Prospect Primary School, Staff Room, Brown Hill
Shelter: Tree Anglican Church, Fig Tree (Vestory)
Shelters: Sports Complex, Church Ground
Shelter: St. John's Primary School (Top & Bottom Floor), Brown Pasture
Nevis Disaster Offices/Warehouse
Fire Station, Charlestown
When the pointer turns to a hand, a critical structure is located and a
description is provided (e.g. a shelter).
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Misc Building
Gas Station, Reliable Motors, Charlestown
Alexandra Hospital, Government Road
Shelter: Church of God of Prophecy, Jessups
Shelter: Wesleyan Holiness Church, Barnes Ghaut
Shelter: Methodist Church, Cotton Ground
Shelter: Wesleyan Holiness Church, Cotton Ground
Shelter: New Testament Church of God, Jessups
Church of God, Bricklyn
Seventh Day Adventist Church, Butlers
Shelter: Wesleyan Holiness Preschool, Newcastle
Shelter: Methodist Church Hall, Fountain
Seventh Day Adventist Church - Beulah, Camps
Rehoboth Church of God, Liburd Hill
Cotton Ground Police Station
Vance W. Amory International Airport, Newcastle
Air Traffic Control Tower, Vance W. Amory International Airport, Newcastle
Newcastle Police Station
Gingerland Police Station
Shelter: Calvary Baptist Church, Rawlins
Shelter: Wesleyan Holiness Church, Buck's Hill, Hanley's Road
Shelter: Emmaus Chapel, Zion
Shelter: Hickman's Community Center, Hickmans
Shelter: Hanley's Road Community Center, Hanley's Road
Shelter: Ebenezer Church of God, Old Manor
Shelter: Pond Hill, Gingerland
Supply Depot, Pinneys
Health Center, Gingerland
Health Center, Camps
Health Center, Brown Hill
Health Center, Butlers
Health Center, Cotton Ground
Delta Gas Station, Pinneys
Delta Gas Station, Gingerland
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