Dependable Communications Essential in the Caribbean

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, tropical forest and salty air, you'll find the two lush, peaceful islands of St. Kitts and Nevis. Amidst the beauty
is the
National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), the disaster management organization, whose ability to communicate uninterrupted during natural
disasters like hurricanes, volcanoes and floods is vital to the islands' inhabitants. In the past three
decades, St. Kitts and Nevis have experienced heavy disaster damage totaling $313 million.

In creating a feature-rich trunked radio system, NEMA worked with Bernard Browne, managing director of Chris-comm Ltd., to design a system that integrates
SmarTrunk's ST-853 Controller, ST-865M5 and ST-865M5A logic boards and the ST-510 network switch with dispatch console and call manager options.

"Call Manager is a queuing option which is activated if all repeaters are busy. The Call Manager receives the initial call and puts it into queue. When the repeater or
channel becomes free, the ST-510 then notifies the caller to call again now that the channel is available," said J.R. Estanol, SmarTrunk sales engineer. "The
SmarTrunk solution is very cost-effective for this type of facility," said Browne.

NEMA and Browne designed a 10-channel system between the three sites (two at St. Kitts and one at Nevis). The dealer chose (40) Motorola Pro Series 7150
portables and (10) Motorola Pro 5100 mobiles, for a total of (50) radios, which then incorporate the SmarTrunk logic boards to add the trunking capabilities for this
first stage of the system.

"There was no prior communications system in place, just a single repeater," said Browne. "The SmarTrunk ST-510 switch is scheduled to be installed at the end of
October, after the repeater systems, antennas and all other infrastructure is in place," Browne added.
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