Extracts from Sections 20 (4) of the 2005 Nevis Disaster Plan (draft)


Permanent Secretary, Communications, Works, Public Utilities and Posts - Chairperson
Director of Works - Deputy Chairman
Representative from Police Department
Permanent Secretary - Ministry of Agriculture (to indicate choice)
President – Taxi Association
President – Bus Association
Director   Fishermen’s Cooperative
Representative from Fire & Rescue Services
Representative from NASPA
President -Truck & Heavy Equipment
Director of Fisheries


Developing a resource list of all transport (including boats and motors and aircraft) chain saws, equipment that would be available for use in a disaster.
- Arranging for the release of privately owned vehicles, equipment, boats and aircraft.
- Developing a deployment plan to cope with trans¬portation requirements at island level.
- Arranging for the release of vehicles to be used as emergency ambulances.
- Arranging for clearing of all (main roads a priority) for movement of emergency personnel and relief supplies as soon as possible after disaster.
- Keeping an updated list of operators for all types of transport.
- Co-ordinating efforts with the Nevis Disaster Management Committee  for the supply of additional marine and air transport for evacuation of population (to St Kitts,
if necessary.)
- To assist in cleanup and transport emergency supplies
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