Extracts from Chapter 8 of the 2005 Nevis Disaster Plan (draft)


(51) The Emergency Telecommunications Centre is located in the Control Room of Charlestown Police Station.

(52) Points will be established in the Telecommunications Centre for the installation of equipment of Amateur Radio, Citizens Band and other radio operators likely to
be used during a disaster.

(53) In the event of a disaster or major emergency the Superintendent of Police will contact the Amateur Radio and other operators with regard to assistance in
telecommunications for both islands.

(54) In the event of an emergency and when so requested the Amateur Radio Citizens Band Operators will make available to the Disaster Management Committee
such equipment and operators as may be necessary for providing communications between the Emergency telecommunications Centre and the respective areas to
which they may be assigned.

(55) The Clubs will assign equipment and operators to the various areas identified by the Superintendent of Police.

(56) The Amateur Radio, Cable and Wireless and Citizens Band Clubs draw up their own internal disaster plans for submission to the Disaster Coordinator for
inclusion in the Nevis Disaster Plan by the 30th April.

(57) Cable and Wireless will provide emergency links between the Emergency Operations Centre, Police Headquarters and other areas as required, and the
maintenance of all external communications systems at regional and international level
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