Extracts from Sections 20 (8) of the 2005 Nevis Disaster Plan (draft)

Search and Rescue

Fire and Rescue Services - Divisional Fire Officer (Chairman)
Representative, Police
Representative, Nevis Air & Sea Port Authority
Administrator, Alexandra Hospital
Representative Captain of Ferry Services
Representative, Nevis Fisherman’s Cooperative
Representative, Taxi Association
Representative, Bus Association
Representative, Defence Force/Coast Guard
Representative, Cadet Corps
Representative, Nevis Amateur Radio Club


§ To train, orient and drill individuals in emergency procedures, and the development of rapid deployment procedures for personnel and vehicles.
§ Rescuing trapped or injured persons in post disaster operations.
§ The development of search and rescue and evacuation procedures for emergency situations.
§ The development of Evacuation Plan for Nevis.
§ The development and testing of evacuation procedures exercises in all government buildings, including schools, and the provision of similar exercises for private
commercial buildings and industrial sites.
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