Extracts from Sections 20 (1) of the 2005 Nevis Disaster Plan (draft)

(1) Public Information and Education

  • Director, Government Information Service - Chairperson
  • Deputy to be the person acting for the Director
  • Representatives, Radio & Television VON/Goodwill/NTV/TBN?
  • Representatives, Print & Electronic – Observer/Leeward Times
  • Radio/Ham Operators President
  • Tourism (Director)
  • Library Service (Director)
  • Education To be specified
  • Health Educator
  • Church (Chairperson of Nevis Christian Council)
  • Telecommunication Cable /C&W
  • Recommendations


Organisation of on going public awareness and education programmes on all types of disasters as well as preventive measures to be taken.
- Dissemination of information, before, during and after a disaster.
- Alerting the population of any impending disaster and precautionary measures to be taken.
- Arranging for training of disaster personnel at all levels.
- Develop Website link
- Material for children e.g. comic cartoon
- Initiate Disaster Awareness Day/Week
- Use of text message to all users
- Reliability of information disseminated.
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