Extracts from Appendix "B" of the 2005 Nevis Disaster Plan (draft)


An adult will need a minimum of 1 litre (35 ozs.) of clean drinking water per day. One gallon (128 ozs.) per adult is a better quantity per adult per day when he is
active in tropical sun. Man will die in three days without water, but will survive about ten days without food. Keep water in a sealed, clean plastic container such as
the containers used to package vinegar and cooking oil, or the 25 lb plastic salt meat pails). If you have to use water from land boil for at least ten minutes before

Stock items that do not require cooking and provide food supplies for your family for at least ten days. In case of a hurricane, public feeding with hot meals is
unlikely until day five except for injured, infants and young children.

1. Corned Beef
2. Sardines
3. Luncheon Meat
4. Peanut Butter
5. Jam/Jelly/Honey
6. Biscuits
7. Salt   body needs daily salt to avoid cramp
8. Fruit Juice
9. Raisins/Currants/Dates   dried
10. Rolled Oats
11. Chocolate Bars/Barley Sugar
12. Condensed Milk
13. Sugar
14. Toilet Paper

1. Band aids
2. Bandages
3. Scissors/tweezers/needles/safety pins
4. Alcohol
5. Cotton wool/lint
6. Aspirin or other Analgesic
7. White Petroleum Jelly/Antiseptic Ointment
8. First Aid Book

1. Waterproof Flashlight   spare batteries/bulbs
2. Hurricane Lantern   Kerosene oil
3. Other safe lighting (NOT candles)
4. Matches - waterproof container/plastic bag
5. Hammer - professional with claw
6. Wood saw   3 ft cutting edge
7. Nails   21b 2”, 2 lb 4”, galvanised drive nails
8. Waterproof plastic – 12’ x 12’
9. Cutlass/axe
10. Rope   nylon   about 50’ x ¼”
11. Pen knife (heavy duty)

1. Transistor Radio   spare batteries
2. Note Book   pencils/pens
3. Map of St. Kitts and Nevis
4. Stove   Oil, Gas   Camp type
5. Metal cup/plate/spoon/cooking pot
6. Needle, thread, buttons, etc.

1. Raincoat and Rain Hat
2. Umbrella
3. Tennis Shoes/Rubber Boots
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