Extracts from Sections 20 (3) of the 2005 Nevis Disaster Plan (draft)

Health Services

Medical Officer of Health – Chairperson
Health Disaster Coordinator - Deputy Chairperson
Senior Environmental Health Inspector
Supervisor of Public Health Nurses
Health Service Administrator
Government Pharmacist
Representative from Private Pharmacy
Representative from Red Cross Society
Matron - Alexandra Hospital
Representative from Emergency Medical Technicians
Manager, Nevis Solid Waste Corporation


Co ordination of medical and First Aid Assistance with the relevant health related voluntary organisations.
- Requisitioning of medical supplies through the relevant departments as necessary.
- Proper identification of health service workers and First Aid Personnel and First Aid Stations for information of Field Personnel and the public.
- Establishing a system of staffing and equipping of First Aid Stations before the occurrence of a disaster.
- Coordinating arrangements with the Transport Sub Committee for the use of additional vehicles to augment existing ambulance service where necessary.
- Training of Health Service Workers and Emergency First Aid Personnel for operation at all Emergency Shelters and other First Aid Stations established in the
- Identification and operation of Field Hospitals, if necessary.
- Provision of environmental health services at emergency shelters and the development of plans for quick deployment of health personnel to all pre determined
points. (inc. Disease surveillance during occupancy)
- Arranging with the National Emergency Management Agency for the provision of additional health service personnel, supplies and facilities to assist in disaster
- Provision for efficient disposal of all refuse carcasses
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