Extracts from Sections 20 (7) of the 2005 Nevis Disaster Plan (draft)

Environmental Pollution

Director of Planning & Environment   Chairperson
Legal Adviser, Nevis
Superintendent of Police
Medical Officer of Health
Representative – Environmental Health Officers
Representative from Water Department
Representative from Nevis Historical and Conservation Society
Captain, Ferry Service
Manager – Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority
Representative from NASPA
Representative from Fire & Rescue Services
Representative from Bulk Petroleum Providers


Planning and, co ordination of all action to deal with potential and actual environmental pollution incidents which may affect the community.
- Training of persons in prevention and control of and response to environmental pollution.
- Developing appropriate measures of preparedness and systems for detecting and reporting environ¬mental pollution incidents within the area.
- Cooperation with local, regional, international and scientific organisations, involved in environmental pollution.
- Identify resources for responding to environmental pollution incidents.
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