Extracts from Sections 20 (5) of the 2005 Nevis Disaster Plan (draft)

Emergency Supplies

Permanent Secretary, Agriculture – Chairperson
Deputy - Principal Assistant Secretary, Community Affairs
Director of Agriculture
Director - Gender and Social Affairs
Representative - Health Department (to be appointed)
Representative - Police Department
Representative – Statistics and Economic Planning
Representative - Red Cross Society
President - Lion's Club
President - Rotary Club
President - Chamber of Commerce
Deputy Comptroller - Customs Department
Director of Trade
Representative – Adventist Disaster Relief Agency
Representative – Christian Council
General Manager - NASPA


Arranging for suitable buildings for the storage of food, clothing, building materials and other emergency supplies.
- Arranging for other safe areas for storage of non perishable emergency supplies.
- Establishing distribution centres for bulk distribution of emergency supplies.
- Arranging for staff to package and distribute emergency supplies.
- Arranging for transportation of emergency supplies to storage, from central warehouses to the districts villages and institutions.
- Arranging for security of areas where emergency supplies are stored.
- Determining number of persons to be fed in each district, institution and emergency shelter.
- Determining the quantity and type of assistance required.
- Arranging for the movement and care of the aged, disabled and incapacitated to emergency shelters.
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