Extracts from Sections 20 (2) of the 2005 Nevis Disaster Plan (draft)

(2) Emergency Shelter (includes alternate shelters)

Permanent Secretary, Education & Library Services   Chairperson
Director, Public Works Department
Senior Environmental  Health Inspector
Representative of Red Cross Society
Representative, Police Department
Manager, Housing and Land Development Corporation
Representative of Nevis Christian Council
Representative Lions Club
Representative Rotary Club


- Selection and identification of suitably safe buildings for use as emergency shelters, including private buildings.
- Identification of emergency shelters for the benefit of the public before the occurrence of a disaster or by the 30th of May.
- Arranging for the proper maintenance of emergency shelters through the relevant Government Departments.
- Maintaining a list of all approved emergency shelters with locations, ownership, capacity, facilities as well as contact' persons, addresses and telephone numbers,
where possible.
- Staffing and administration of emergency shelters.
- Training of shelter management personnel on a regular basis.

- Arranging with the National Emergency Management Agency for the identification and management of emergency shelters in St. Kitts for accommodation of
evacuees in the event of a volcanic emergency in Nevis.
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