Extracts from Chapter 7 of the 2005 Nevis Disaster Plan (draft)


(37) The Emergency Operations Centre will be located at the Bath Hotel or at such other place as may be determined by the Chairman of the Disaster Management
Committee. The Emergency Operations Centre will co ordinate all activities before, during and after an emergency.
(38) The centre will be activated by the Premier or by any person empowered to act on behalf of the Premier.
(39) The centre will be manned by three teams working in rotation.

Team No. 1
- Permanent Secretary, Finance : Director of Operations
- Assistant Principal Secretary, Premier's Office Deputy Director
- Education Department General Liaison Services
- Statistics and Economic Planning : Statistics
- Press and Government Information Officer : Public Relations Officer
- Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority
- Ham Radio Operators

Team No 2
- Permanent Secretary, Communications : Director of Operations
- Government Auditor : Deputy Director
- Assistant Secretary, Finance   Liaison Services
- Revenue Officer : Statistics
- Information Officer (to be appointed)
- Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority
- Ham Radio Operators

Team No. 3
Permanent Secretary, Establishments: Director of Operations
- Chief Librarian : Deputy Director
- Planning Officer : Liaison Services
- Land  Development Officer : Statistics
- Information Officer : (to be appointed)
- Premier’s Ministry Representative
- Ham Radio Operators

(40) The Nevis Disaster Coordinator will supervise all administrative personnel and will assist the control teams with administrative and technical support.
(41) Operational control teams are authorised to co opt technical personnel as necessary.
(42) The control teams will be supported by adequate secretarial staff and by senior personnel of the following services:  Police, Fire, Health, Education, Public
Works, Public Utilities.
(43) All Government Ministries and Departments, NGO’s and the Private Sector will be required to activate their emergency plans as designed for implementation
during the pro disaster period.
(44) In the event of other emergencies necessitating the activation of the Centre, the members of the operating teams, will report for duty when summonsed on the
radio or by any other means of communication.
(45) All teams will assemble at the Emergency Operations Centres at least four (4) hours before a hurricane is expected, or depending on the circumstances, as soon
as possible after the impact.
(46) EOC equipped with Radios, Generators, Information storage, retrieval

(47) Functions of Control Teams
1. To receive directives from the Nevis Disaster Management Committee;
2. To give general directives to officials and other persons responsible for emergency operations;
3. To regulate the release of information about the state of affairs;
4. To keep accurate record of all casualties, damage and action, taken or ordered;
5. To undertake the overall co ordination, operation and management of all relief assistance.

(48) Phased Control Team Actions
a) Before the Disaster
1. ensure that all key personnel have been alerted (Medical Services, Public Works etc)
2. notify all Permanent Secretaries of the impending disaster and instruct them to inform their staff and to activate their respective disaster plans.
3. ensure that individual agencies have activated their respective disaster plans.
4. ensure that there are adequate means of communication between the Centre and Key Services.
5. issue instructions, warnings and other information to the public by Print, T.V., Radio Station or any other means available.
6. alert members of Cabinet to stand by in case there is need for emergency legislation.
7. alert Voluntary Organisations.
8. test radio communications services offered by members of Amateur Radio Club and other groups and ensure that they are at their assigned locations.
9. ensure that Telecommunications are alerted and prepared to assist with external communication.

(b) During the Disaster
1. Collect information on the extent of damage being done, such as:
- disruption of utility services
- any threat of fire
- any accidental release of toxic, caustic or other noxious chemicals.
2. determine critical problem areas and those likely to be threatened. Relay information to public, if possible.

(c) After the Disaster
1. instruct issue of the all clear signal.
2. phase out emergency Operations.
3. assess real extent of damage and destruction
4 co-ordinate communication with outside world,  making requests for supplies and assistance as necessary.
5. reduce or remove restrictions in disaster areas.
6. prepare reports for media and official records.
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EOC Important Agencies

  1. Nevis Disaster Management Department
  2. Finance
  3. Premier's Ministry
  4. Education Department
  5. Statistics and Economic Planning & Statistics
  6. Press and Government Information
  7. Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority
  8. Ham Radio Operators
  9. Communications, Works, Public Utilities & Post
  10. Physical Planning, Natural Resources & Environment
  11. Water Department
  12. Public Works Department
  13. NEVLEC
  14. Nevis Housing and Land Development Corporation (NHLDC)
  15. Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA)
  16. Ministry of Agriculture / Fisheries
  17. Tourism Authority / Department
  18. Police
  19. Fire And Rescue Service
  20. Health Department