Extracts from Chapter 6 of the 2005 Nevis Disaster Plan (draft)


(27) The responsibility for setting up, servicing and, monitoring of the District Emergency Committees rests with the Disaster Coordinator.

(28) District Emergency Committees provide the essential link between the Disaster Management Committee and the communities which they represent.

(29) The main objective of the District Emergency Committee is to prepare the community for any disaster and to co ordinate the activities of the community and
their resources for assistance prior to, during and after a disaster situation.


(30) The responsibilities of the District Emergency Committee include:

- Selection and appointment of members of the sub committees
- Development of an organisational plan for each district.
- Election and training of personnel for field operations.
- Participation in the overall planning of disaster preparedness operations in the district.
- Co ordination of operational plans of all (Emergency services at district level.
- Development of job functions for members of the district organisation.
- Supplying periodic reports to the Emergency Executive Committee on all disaster preparedness activities.

(31) The District Organisation should establish formal lines of communication with all government departments and NGO's in the District.

(32) District Emergency Committees will establish and maintain links with counterpart departments, agencies and sub committees in St Kitts.

(33) Structure

The District Emergency Committee should have a small management committee of persons who are willing to accept responsibility. Each Committee should include a
Chairman and a Deputy Chairman from its membership. The Chairman will serve as liaison officer with the Disaster Management Committee. It will also be
necessary to have supporting key personnel responsible for supervision of:

first aid
collection damage statistics

(34) Membership of the District Emergency Committee should include the Senior Police Officer in the District, the District Medical Officer, District Nurse,
Representa¬tive of Voluntary Service Organisations, Service Clubs, Farmers, Groups, etc.

(35) All committee members should make themselves familiar with all aspects of the committee's activities in the operational plan.
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