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Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 30th November 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 29th November 2009

ENGLAND: Motorists had to be rescued from their vehicles after torrential rain caused flooding in Devon on Saturday evening. Firefighters rescued three
people from a car trapped in floodwater in Plymouth, and another person from a vehicle in Alston Cross, Ashburton. Water reached about 4ft (1.21m) high
in Station Road, Exton, near Exeter, as firefighters were called to a series of flash floods affecting homes.

SOUTH AFRICA: Barely a month after freak storms hit Bulwer, another storm ravaged Madadeni, Mathukusa, Danhauser and Madlangeni in the Amajuba
District Municipality this week, inflicting a trail of destruction that has left many homeless. A hailstorm accompanied by heavy winds left at least 1 256 people
homeless, about 50 injured and 600 houses damaged on Friday.

AUSTRALIA: Queensland - Almost 10,000 homes and businesses are still without power after storms battered southeast Queensland this afternoon. At the
height of the outage, 14,000 homes and businesses in the southeast were left without electricity. Energex's Danny Donald said crews were working to restore
power as fast as possible.

INDIA: Panic hit Karwar and some coastal areas on Friday after 40 maintenance personnel from the Kaiga nuclear plant were rushed to a Mallapuram
hospital with symptoms of radioactive poisoning. The 40 people, who were working at unit no. 1 of the plant were rushed to the Kaiga nuclear corporation
hospital where they were kept under observation. Although hospital authorities have denied the reports of radioactive poisoning and said that they have
cleared the staff, sources told DNA that out of the 40 taken to the hospital only six of them have been discharged and one person had been tested for severe
level of radioactivity.

DRC: At least 73 people were killed when a boat sank on a lake in the west of the Democratic Republic of Congo, it has emerged. Local reports said a
logging vessel not authorised to take passengers went down in bad weather on Wednesday.

Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 28th November 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 27th November 2009

PHILLIPINES: With images of the flooding in Luzon still fresh in their minds, residents of Barangays Uling and Tinaan in Naga town panicked as flood water
started to rise Wednesday night following the overflow of a river triggered by typhoon "Urduja." Trees were uprooted, houses were destroyed, and vehicles
were washed away as flood waters hit the streets and residential areas Wednesday night.

CHINA: 5.2 earthquake East of Tianpeng, Sichuan Sheng.

AUSTRALIA: Australian authorities were preparing Thursday to round up with helicopters a 6,000-strong herd of wild camels terrorising a remote Outback
community and shoot them dead in the desert. Protracted drought had brought the camels into the Docker River township in search of water, leaving
residents cowering in their homes as they smashed through water mains and invaded the airstrip.

SWINE FLU: The global number of swine flu deaths has jumped by more than 1,000 in a week, latest figures from the World Health Organization (WHO)
show. At least 7,826 people are now known to have died following infection with the H1N1 virus since it first emerged in Mexico in April.

Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 26th November 2009

HUNGARY: A gunman has attacked a university in southern Hungary, wounding at least four people, local media report. The man is reported to have
entered the biophysics research institute at Pecs University (PTE) and opened fire. Two of those injured were in a critical condition, according to national
news agency MTI.

ENGLAND: London - A mass evacuation is under way as 150 firefighters battle a major blaze in a block of flats in Peckham, south east London. Around
150 people have left their homes as the fire spreads through several three and four-storey buildings in Sumner Road. Police are now performing door-to-
door checks. There are no reports of casualties so far. London Fire Brigade said 30 appliances are tackling the fire, which began at 4.30am in a building site.
The blaze - which is understood to now cover the size of half a football pitch - had started in a brand-new block of flats that have not yet been completed.

AUSTRALIA: Victoria - Melbourne and parts of north-eastern Victoria have been hit by severe storms. Part of the roof at the Greensborough shopping
plaza has collapsed. There are no injuries reported but emergency crews are working to stop water pouring into the centre. The storms have also caused
major disruptions on Melbourne's train network. Lightning strikes have taken out signalling and brought down boom-gates.

ARGENTINA: More than 1,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in the northeastern Argentine provinces of Entre Rios and Santa Fe because
of the flooding caused by a rise in the levels of the Uruguay and Parana rivers, officials said on Tuesday. Entire families have left their homes and moved into
shelters due to the torrential rains that have hit Entre Rios, leaving the province devastated, Entre Rios Gov. Sergio Urribarri told Argentine radio.
Concordia, a city in Entre Rios on the border with Uruguay, is one of the areas that has been most affected by the rise in the Uruguay River's level in the past
few hours.

SAUDI ARABIA: At least 24 people were reportedly killed and several injured in flash floods in Jeddah on Wednesday. Hundreds of homes and shops
were flooded as streets turned into raging rivers. Altogether, some 70 millimeters of rain fell over the city in less than two hours more than two-thirds of the
Kingdom's annual average rainfall. Jeddah Gov. Prince Mishaal bin Majed ordered an emergency control room to be set up to monitor the situation.

VANUATU: More than 300 people are being evacuated from an island in the north of Vanuatu as gas and ash from volcanic eruptions are drifting on to
three villages. The government has sent the paramilitary mobile forces and the Vanuatu Red Cross Society to monitor the evacuation from the west of the
island of Gaua in Torba province. The volcano has been erupting since September but several recent minor eruptions have increased the volume of gas and
ash which has been carried by a strong wind.

NEW ZEALAND: More than 100 icebergs - and possibly more to follow - are drifting toward the coast of New Zealand in an exceptionally rare
occurrence. The unusual event has prompted officials to issue a shipping warning in the area. A glaciologist for the Australian Antarctic Division said the
massive ice chunks were spotted by satellite photography heading past the Auckland Islands and towards the main South Island. Once scientist said there
were approximately 100 icebergs in a cluster, leading him to believe there were hundreds more not far behind. He said the pieces of ice measured up to 650
feet in diameter. They broke off from much larger ice floe due to air and temperature changes caused by global warming.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 25th November 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 24th November 2009

URUGUAY: One person died and more than 1,000 others were evacuated due to the flooding caused by the heavy rains that pounded northern and central
Uruguay over the weekend and are expected to continue through midweek. The northern provinces of Salto, Artigas and Cerro Largo were the areas most
affected by the torrential rains, a national emergency management office spokesman said, adding that 1,020 people were evacuated.

KENYA: The number of cholera patients admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital rose to 31 on Monday, causing fears of an epidemic in Nairobi. While
16 were inmates from Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, 15 others had been brought from Kayole and Dandora slums, according to Vice-President Kalonzo
Musyoka. And Public Health minister Beth Mugo said 59 other inmates were being treated for diarrhoea. On Monday, Mr Musyoka said the outbreak
should be considered a national epidemic since the disease had also killed some people in Lodwar.

NEW ZEALAND: A fire at a substation has caused a major power blackout to around 20,000 homes in Timaru this morning. It is understood the fire, at the
Timaru substation on the Old North Road, started at around 5.15am. There was a cable fault in the Transpower switch room which led to a small explosion.
Firefighters are at the scene. The power outage is affecting most of Timaru and Pleasant Point. A spokesperson for Timaru Hospital said the hospital had
also been affected by the outage and had a generator running.

ENGLAND: Dozens of homes in Derbyshire have been damaged by what is believed to have been a tornado. A garage has collapsed and roof tiles were
ripped off buildings in the Dennis Close and Maypole Lane areas of Littleover just after 1330 GMT. One eyewitness described being in the area felt like he
had "driven into a washing machine". The emergency services are now inspecting nearby buildings to make sure they are safe. There are no reports of any
injuries. Repair teams are on the scene trying to make all affected houses watertight before nightfall.

RUSSIA: At least eight people were killed and two injured on Monday when munitions exploded at a Russian navy arms depot, the second such incident at
the same arsenal in 10 days, a spokesman for the Defence Ministry said. The explosions took place at Arsenal Number 31 in the Russian city of Ulyanovsk,
a city of 635,000 people about 800 km (500 miles) southeast of Moscow.

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 23rd November 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 22nd November 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 21st November 2009

TURKEY: Landslides devastated several houses in northeastern Turkey on Saturday, killing at least three people. According to local governor
representative, two victims were crushed to death when a large rock smashed their two story house in the Black Sea port city of Trabzon.

COLUMBIA: Following a strong eruption of the southern Colombian Galeras volcano on Friday, more than a thousand people responded to authorities'
calls to evacuate the region. The volcano, that has caused several alerts over the past year, erupted again on Friday, forcing local authorities to declare a red
alert and call on the thousands of inhabitants of the region to evacuate.

AUSTRALIA: NSW - More fire crews are being brought in to help fight a large fire threatening two townships in central-west NSW. The fast-moving blaze
is being fanned by strong north-west winds and is heading towards Rylstone and Kandos. Ben Shepherd from the NSW RFS says the fire has jumped
Windamere Dam. At 9.00pm AEDT Mr Shepherd said it was a couple of kilometres west of Rylstone.

CHINA: A gas explosion tore through a coal mine in northern China on Saturday, killing 11 people and trapping another 128, central government authorities
said. Another 389 people at the Xinxing mine in Heilongjiang province managed to escape after the 2:30 a.m. explosion, the State Administration of Work
Safety said in a statement. A man answering the phone at the mine said an unknown number of people were injured in the blast.

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 20th November 2009

ENGLAND: Hundreds of people have been forced to flee severe flooding in parts of Cumbria as the county is battered by high winds and torrential rain.
Keswick, Cockermouth, Kendal and Burneside have been among the worst affected areas, with 175mm (6.9in) of rain falling in 14 hours. Several rivers
have burst their banks, with forecasters and the Environment Agency warning of worse to come. Six severe flood warnings are in force across the county.
More than 20 Cumbrian schools were closed and a nursing home in Keswick was evacuated as a precaution. The Environment Agency said the scale of the
flooding was unprecedented.

IRELAND: Thousands of people around the country are facing rising floodwaters this morning. The AA is advising people to postpone all journeys in
Galway and Cork. Severe flooding has also been reported in Tipperary, Kerry, Monaghan, Longford, Kilkenny, Clare, Waterford and Wexford.

SCOTLAND: Communities in the Borders were on evacuation alert last night after more than 24 hours of unrelenting torrential rain led to rivers bursting their
banks, flooding farmland and causing traffic chaos across a swathe of southern and central Scotland. Gales, gusting to 70mph in places, added to the
problems facing emergency services after more than 3in of rain fell in parts of the Borders and Dumfries and Galloway, with the Met Office warning of more
to come. Hundreds of travellers were affected on both sides of the Border when Virgin rail services on the west coast main line were disrupted.

ENGLAND: Police say 10 people are still missing after Northside Bridge in Workington collapsed. 11 persons were believed to be on the bridge at the
time. Police searching for a colleague have found the body of a man in police uniform. (Our thoughts are with family and colleagues of our departed EM

INDIA: Officials from Customs and other security agencies today carried out checks on a Malta-registered ship following an anonymous phone call claiming
that it was carrying some radioactive material. The officials received the call saying that the ship, identified as 'Garland' and on its way from Vishakapatnam,
was carrying some radioactive material, police said. Coast Guard officials said it was a merchant ship and had been docked in the Chennai Port limits.
Special teams are expected to arrive and make a thorough check later in the day.

USA: The lead US federal disaster agency is hoping to both inform and gather information through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, its top
official said Wednesday. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), sharply criticized for its slow response to events like the 2005 Hurricane
Katrina, is trying to make sure people are better prepared for disasters, said administrator Craig Fugate.

USA: The deadly levee failures that led to the 2005 flooding of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina were due to negligence by the US Army Corps of
Engineers, a federal judge has ruled. The late Wednesday ruling could open the federal government up to billions of dollars in liability.

Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 19th November 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 18th November 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 17th November 2009

USA: Washington -  A number of power outages in Western Washington have thousands of residents in the dark Tuesday morning. The biggest power
outage is in Grays Harbor County, which has about 13,000 customers without electricity. High winds Monday night knocked down trees in the area and
toppled power lines.

AUSTRALIA: NSW - Firefighters have beaten back a fire that momentarily threatened properties on Sydney's southwestern outskirts. The fire broke out in
bushland near Peppin Crescent and Riverside Drive, Airds, at 5.30pm (AEDT) on Tuesday. Fanned by strong southerlies, it was initially feared 20 to 30
properties may be affected.But Rural Fire Service (RFS) crews quickly brought the fire in Peppin Park under control by 6.30pm. Two fresh blazes in
northern NSW also kept firefighters busy, with one in the far north threatening properties at one stage.

NEW ZEALAND: More than 80 firefighters from all over Auckland are battling a large office blaze in the suburb of Mt Wellington. Fire Service shift
manager Jaron Phillips says firefighters were first called to the premises of Corporate Consumables just before 4.30pm.  

CANADA: British Columbia - A city on the eastern shores of Vancouver Island declared a state of emergency Monday in response to major flooding.
Courtenay Mayor Greg Phelps issued the warning because of high water levels in the Puntledge, Courtenay, Tsolum and Browns Rivers. The Courtenay
Engineering Department has evacuated 54 people around Maple Pool Campsite and surrounding homes on Headquarters Road. More residences are on
evacuation alert. Numerous roads and bridges were closed just before noon, including Highway 19A and Old Island Highway.

CANADA: British Columbia - Massive British Columbia storms have left about 29,000 people without power and may have contributed to two deaths,
officials said Monday. A flood watch is expected to continue through the rest of the week for much of the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 16th November 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 15th November 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 14th November 2009

ENGLAND: A street has been evacuated after houses and cars were damaged by a suspected tornado. Emergency services were called to The Fairway in
Benfleet, Essex, earlier when residents reported a tornado moving down the street. The fire service said about eight houses and several vehicles had been
damaged. No-one is believed to have been injured and firefighters have remained at the scene to make it safe.

ENGLAND: Firefighters in Kent and Sussex have been dealing with a series of floods amid severe weather warnings. Kent Fire and Rescue Service said it
had dealt with flooding in properties and gardens in the west of the county. East and West Sussex firefighters also dealt with similar calls, including the
evacuation of an industrial site in Haywards Heath after flash flooding. The Met Office issued a warning of heavy rain on Friday and severe gales on Saturday
in south-east England. Along with the Environment Agency, it warned people living along the coast in West Sussex to be aware of a risk of sea flooding this

ENGLAND: Gale force winds of up to 70mph and heavy rain brought flooding to Devon and Cornwall on Friday night with more severe weather forecast
for Saturday. Areas of the two counties were flooded with water up to 2ft deep in places and some roads were impassable. The Environment Agency issued
11 flood warnings for areas in southern England and Wales where homes were at risk. High winds strong enough to cause damage, including bringing down
trees and branches, are expected to continue into Saturday. Wales, southern and eastern England are likely to bear the brunt of the storm.

COSTA RICA: One person died and two were reported missing after a magnitude-5.3 earthquake struck Costa Rica, the local Red Cross said. It said a
young woman was buried by a landslide in the southern community of San Vito de Coto Brus on Friday. Two others were reported missing in the same
town. The quake epicentre was located at Parrita, about 100 kilometres south-east of the Costa Rican capital.

SOUTH KOREA: Fire raced through a South Korean indoor shooting range on Saturday, killing at least 10 people, including seven Japanese visitors and
their Korean guide, local media reported. Yonhap news agency said the blaze broke out on the second floor of a five-storey building in the southern port city
of Busan and took an hour to extinguish. Seven people were injured. An official at a fire station in the town confirmed the fire had taken place, but gave no
details on casualties or the cause of the blaze. Hospital officials were unable to identify the nationalities of those killed.

ENGLAND: Thousands of small fish have been found dead in Oxfordshire. Up to 10,000 dead fish, mainly perch, were found in the Farmoor Reservoir,
operated by Thame Water, water intake on the River Thames, the Environment Agency (EA) said.  An agency spokesman said it was not yet known what
had killed the fish. He said officers were at the site and water samples were being analysed.

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 13th November 2009

RUSSIA: At least one person has died and 35 are said to be missing after a series of explosions at an arms depot in western Russia. More fatalities are
feared. A fire at a defence ministry arsenal on the outskirts of Ulyanovsk caused blasts which shattered windows of nearby homes, local reports said. Some
3,000 people have been evacuated from the surrounding area, the local governor is quoted as saying. The depot is about 900km (550 miles) south-east of
the capital Moscow.

ENGLAND: Oil giant Total UK has pleaded guilty to charges relating to the explosion at the Buncefield oil depot in Hertfordshire in 2005. At the Old
Bailey, it pleaded guilty to two charges under the Health and Safety Act and one of causing pollution. The blast in Hertfordshire in December 2005 caused
widespread damage and left 43 people injured. Good video at:

USA: Virginia - Gov. Timothy M. Kaine declared a state of emergency for Virginia on Wednesday evening in response to a coastal storm battering
Hampton Roads. The declaration immediately directs state agencies to take necessary actions to protect the health and safety of citizens throughout the the
state. Heavy rain and winds from thestorm are expected to peak locally today, and one local scientist said high water levels could rival those of Hurricane
Isabel in 2003. The storm pounded the region on Wednesday and will continue through Friday. The National Weather Service said coastal flood warnings
and high wind warnings will remain in effect until Friday.

SRI LANKA: A strong gale force wind hit Moratuwa, Koralawella area a short while ago damaging approximately 200 to 250 houses. The electricity
supply in the area has also been disrupted due to fallen trees. The CEB is currently carrying out repairs to rectify the damage. No casualties were reported till
now, Co-coordinating officer Sgt H.D Pathirana of the Disaster Management Centre said.

USA: Ilinios - Twelve employees of the sprawling Dean’s Ice Cream plant southwest of Fabyan Parkway and Kirk Road suffered injuries not
considered life-threatening late Thursday night during an ammonia leak inside the facility. Batavia Fire Department Battalion Chief Randy Banker said
paramedics took five of the workers to Delnor Hospital in Geneva for treatment of ammonia inhalation. The other seven employees were treated at the
scene, he said. Members of hazardous materials teams from eight neighboring agencies joined their counterparts from Batavia at the scene of the leak, at
1253 Kingsland Drive.

Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 12th November 2009

INDIA: India will mark next month's 25th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster, the world's worst industrial accident, by throwing open the site to visitors, an
official said Tuesday. Tragedy struck on December 3-4, 1984 when a storage tank at a pesticide plant run by Union Carbide -- bought by US group Dow
Chemicals in 1999 -- spewed cyanide gas into the air, instantly killing more than 3,500 people.

TANZANIA: Floods and landslides after three days of torrential rains killed at least 20 people and left 10 missing in northern Tanzania's Kilimanjaro region,
officials said. Seven schoolchildren were among the dead in the village of Goha, according to local official Ibrahim Marwa.

CHINA: Chinese scientists artificially induced the second major snowstorm to wreak havoc in Beijing this season, state media said Wednesday, reigniting
debate over the practice of tinkering with Mother Nature. After the earliest snow to hit the capital in 22 years fell on November 1, the capital was again
shrouded in white Tuesday with more snow expected in the coming three days, the National Meteorological Centre said. http://www.terradaily.

CHINA: Three children died and 28 were injured when a primary school canteen in north China's Hebei Province collapsed in heavy snow late Wednesday,
the local authority said Thursday. The accident happened at Longfeng Private Primary School at Mingguan Town, Yongnian County, at about 6 p.m. when
the pupils were dining, a county government spokesman said.  

Australia: qUEENSLAND - Queensland Health says dengue fever has returned to the state's northern regions. Four cases of dengue have been reported,
only two months after the epidemic was officially declared over. Medical director Dr Jeffrey Hanna says three Cairns residents have been diagnosed with
dengue, after travelling to Malaysia, India and Vietnam. One locally acquired case has also been detected in Townsville

EL SALVADOR: Rescue workers Tuesday tried to reach survivors of floods and landslides unleashed by late-season storms, as common graves were
being dug around the country to handle the growing death toll that now stands AT 162.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 11th November 2009

UKRAINE: Ukraine's epidemic of flu and acute respiratory disorders has now affected more than a million people, the country's deputy health minister said
on Tuesday. Vasyl Lazoryshynets said the death toll from the epidemic had risen to 174, as President Viktor Yushchenko warned the country must brace
itself for a second wave of infections. Nearly 53,000 Ukrainians have now been hospitalised.

BRAZIL: A power blackout in Brazil left tens of millions of people sitting by candlelight, after plunging its two largest cities into darkness. Underground
railways, traffic lights, street lamps, lifts and electric gates in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro were all affected. It was several hours before the problem could
be fixed. The authorities believe it could have been caused by a fault at the giant Itaipu hydro-electric dam.

CAPE VERDE: A dengue fever epidemic that has already killed six people in Cape Verde has stabilised with less than 600 new cases daily reported in the
last two days, authorities here said Monday.

AUSTRALIA: Victoria - A bushfire in national park in Victoria's remote far east is expected to burn for at least two more days. Firefighters face a race
against time to douse the blaze, burning between Cape Conran and Bemm River in East Gippsland, before windy and hot conditions on Saturday.
Department of Sustainability and Environment duty officer Peter Billing said 96 DSE firefighters were fighting the blaze, about 50 kilometres west of

PHILIPPINES: The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology recorded an ash explosion in Mayon Volcano early Wednesday, which caused ash
fall in Albay towns located southwest and northwest of the volcano.

EL SALVADOR: About 10,000 people in El Salvador are in need of food aid after devastating floods washed away crops, a UN agency says.

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 10th November 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 9th November 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 8th November 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 7th November 2009

PERU: The Ministry of Health (MINSA), through the Regional Health Authority (Diresa) Loreto, sent crews with specialized personnel to the Morona
District of Loreto, to investigate a possible outbreak of rabies transmitted by the bite of bats that have caused the deaths of 5 people from the Huambisa
ethnic group.

VIETNAM: At least 13 people have been killed in a landslide in central Vietnam following storms and flooding that have now left almost 130 people dead,
officials said. The 13 were killed and another person was seriously injured in the early hours of Friday in the coastal province of Quang Nam, local
emergency official Vo Xuan Quang said.

IRELAND: Extreme weather conditions have killed tens of thousands of starfish and left them strewn across a sheltered beach. A carpet of pink and mauve
echinoderms, a family of marine animals, appeared yesterday morning on Lissadell Beach in north Co Sligo. The adult starfish, measuring between 7cm and
20cm in diameter and estimated to be up to 50,000 in number, stretched along 150 metres of the strand. Marine biologist and lecturer at Sligo Institute of
Technology Bill Crowe speculated that they had been lifted up by a storm while feeding on mussel beds off shore.

USA: Oregon - Massive foam inundated Depoe Bay, inclement weather caused several rescues, and a tornado even cut a swath through the central coast
last night. Monstrous waves have been reported and documented along the Oregon coast the last two days, including a rather bizarre video of a woman who
defied all wisdom and common sense and was nearly swept away or killed on several occasions by wandering a stormy beach. The storm also caused the
closure of coastal bays like Nehalem, Tillamook and Yaquina. The Coast Guard responded to more than one rescue on unruly seas, including a group that
was stuck on a floating refueling platform on Tillamook Bay. The most dramatic incident came from a tornado that shot through Lincoln City late Friday, but
that wasn't the only weather event. The Lincoln County Sheriff's office said a large thunderstorm hit the area, including a lightning strike on the Alsea Bay
Bridge about 10:13 p.m.

AUSTRALIA: NSW - Up to 4,800 people remain isolated on the New South Wales mid-north coast after heavy rain caused widespread flash flooding
overnight. The township of Bellingen has been cut off by the floodwaters and the road between the town and the Pacific Highway is under water. The road
to the Dorrigo Plateau has been cut off by waterfalls. Flood warnings remain current for the Orara River, Coffs Creek and the Bellinger and Nambucca

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 6th November 2009

AFGHANISTAN: U.S. military officials sent a medical team to a remote outpost in southern Afghanistan this week to take blood samples from members of
an Army unit after a soldier in the unit died from an Ebola-like virus. Dr. Jim Radike, an expert in internal medicine and infectious diseases at the Role 3
Trauma Hospital at Kandahar Air Field, told The Washington Times that Sgt. Robert David Gordon, 22, from River Falls, Ala., died Sept. 16 from what
turned out to be Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever after he was bitten by a tick.

AUSTRALIA: A plague of kangaroos has descended on the outback Queensland town of Thargomindah in search of food and water due to the drought.
Thargomindah's 250 population is so over-run that there is one roo for every five people. Local police Sergeant Kerry Nugent said a mob of about 50
kangaroos and emus make their way into town throughout the day and into the night.

USA: New York - At least 45 children in Rockland have been diagnosed with mumps, a highly infectious disease that is also being reported in communities
in Brooklyn and Orange County, N.Y., according to the state Department of Health. The Rockland cases have all occurred in religious communities in
Monsey and Spring Valley, according to an alert issued this week by the state Department of Health.

USA: Texas - A natural gas pipeline explosion shook homes, melted window blinds and shot flames hundreds of feet into the air early Thursday near
Amarillo, authorities said. Three people were injured in the blast, which was reported around 1 a.m. about a mile north of Bushland. The fire was contained
by 5:30 a.m.

NICARAGUA: Tropical Storm Ida uprooted trees, knocked down power lines and forced the evacuation of 300 people on Nicaragua's Corn Island after
forming Wednesday and quickly gaining strength in the southwestern Caribbean. The storm was threatening to become a hurricane before making landfall in
Nicaragua early Thursday morning. Heavy rains and winds already pounded the popular resort of Corn Island, knocking down trees, electrical lines and
telephone poles. Much of the island had lost and phone service, said Lt. Col. Reinaldo Carrion, the civil defense chief in Bluefields, the city nearest to the

Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 5th November 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 4th November 2009

MEXICO: Mexican federal officials have declared a state of emergency in two cities in Tabasco state, which along with Veracruz state has suffered heavy
flooding that has displaced more than 30,000 residents. The cities of Huimanguillo and Cardenas were flooded by heavy rains that started over the weekend,
leading to the evacuation of about 32,500 people and the emergency declaration by Interior Secretary Fernando Gomez Mont. The emergency decree,
which state officials requested, allows federal aid to the area, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. In neighboring Veracruz state, the Uxpanapa and Agua
Dulce rivers overflowed their banks and flooded about 750 homes in the towns of Agua Dulce and Las Choapas, state officials said. At least 850 families
were left homeless.

IRAN: A 4.9-scale earthquake struck the southern Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas early Wednesday injuring at least 209 people. The quake struck at 2:
56 am (2326 GMT Tuesday) and also rocked the adjoining Qeshm highland. "As of 6:00 am today, we have 209 people wounded in the earthquake said
Farshid Abedi, the head of the main medical university in Hormozgan province where Bandar Abbas is located.

KENYA: Authorities in central Kenya have ordered hundreds of people to evacuate after a girl was killed when a mudslide destroyed her home following
heavy rains. The incident took place in Gathaithi, in Muranga East district. I have ordered all those living near the ill-fated home to vacate immediately and
move to safer ground. The government will provide them with essentials like tents and food, District Commissioner George Natambeya said. In the past two
weeks, heavy rains have been reported in most parts of the country and the government has ordered some families in landslide-prone areas of the larger
Muranga, Maragwa and Nyeri districts in central Kenya to vacate their homes. Several deaths have occurred in the area as a result of mudslides because of
the areas topography.

SOMALIA: A camp housing thousands of mainly Somali refugees in north-eastern Kenya has been completely flooded following almost three weeks of
constant rain. The main road into the area has been cut off by flooding.

VIETNAM: The death toll from severe flooding in Vietnam triggered by a tropical storm has risen to about 90, officials say. Tropical storm Mirinae caused
widespread damage in central provinces when it struck on Monday.

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 3rd November 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 2nd November 2009

PHILIPPINES: Philippine authorities Sunday scrambled to restore power and repair damage after Typhoon Mirinae smashed into the storm-weary nation,
killing at least 14 people. A day after Mirinae brought heavy rains and winds, crews were clearing roads of fallen trees and power lines in the capital Manila
and nearby areas. Efforts were being made to repair four bridges that collapsed in urban areas.

UKRAINE: Ukrainians emptied pharmacies of masks and flu medicines on Saturday after the government ordered a three-week closure of schools and
cinemas to combat swine flu. In Lviv in the western region, some pharmacies ran out of flu medicines and masks after worried customers made bulk
purchases. Residents complained pharmacies were profiting from the panic caused by the announcement on Friday.

SAUDI ARABIA:  second wave of swine flu has begun in Saudi Arabia, the health ministry said on Friday, as the death toll from A(H1N1) neared 60 just
weeks before the annual hajj brings two million pilgrims to the country.

CHINA: A ship carrying 100 tonnes of hydrochloric acid sank in China's Yangtze river Sunday after colliding with another vessel, state media reported,
citing local officials. The collision happened during strong winds in central Hubei province, Xinhua news agency said, adding that efforts were under way to
retrieve the highly corrosive cargo.

AUSTRALIA: Australian authorities were Sunday ordered to help extinguish a fire which broke out on a leaking oil rig that has been pumping thousands of
barrels of oil into the Timor Sea for months.

CHINA: A magnitude 5.0 earthquake rumbled through China's Yunnan province Monday, injuring 28 people and collapsing 1,000 homes, officials said. The
pre-dawn quake struck Binchuan and Xiangyun counties in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture. The earthquake affected more than 280,000 people, damaged
more than 30,000 homes and killed more than 430 farm animals, Yunnan Provincial Civil Affairs Department said in a statement.

WALES: Fire crews in parts of Wales have also had to pluck people from houses and cars. Five adults and a baby were reportedly rescued from two
houses in Meidrim, Carmarthenshire. Two women were also stuck in floodwater in their car in Landore, Swansea, and four people stuck in two cars near
Newcastle Emlyn.

SCOTLAND: Heavy rain is causing disruption in the north and east of Scotland with many homes flooded and trains cancelled. Forth Coastguard said it
assisted with evacuations from houses in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, where two rivers burst their banks, and in St Andrews, Fife. First ScotRail cancelled
services between Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Roads have been closed in Angus, Grampian, Tayside and Fife. There is a severe flood warning on the River
Isla from Ruthven to the River Tay.

USA: Louisianna - A hole in the hull of a cargo ship near the Mississippi River near Louisiana caused a 12,000-gallon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the U.S.
Coast Guard said. The Pac Alkaid reported to the Coast Guard that it was leaking oil while anchored near the Venice Mississippi River Delta, reported
Saturday. The Pac Alkaid was ordered to move farther from the shore to mitigate the ongoing spill's damage to the shoreline.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 1st November 2009

ENGLAND: Passengers were quarantined on a British Airways jet at Heathrow Airport yesterday after six people collapsed during a flight from America. Fire fighters
in anti-contamination suits checked Flight BA184 from Newark for radiation and toxic fumes. After being given the all-clear, the Boeing 777 was boarded by medics
who treated the six people out of 216 passengers and crew who were affected. The alert was the biggest at Heathrow since anti-terror measures were put in place
and involved 11 fire engines, paramedics and police. A London Ambulance Service spokesman said: Six patients were taken to a health centre in the grounds of the
airport. We assessed them and nobody needed hospital treatment. The cause of the fainting spells is still under investigation, the spokesman added.

PHILIPPINES The fourth storm in a month to hit the Philippines brings heavy rain and winds to the east, killing at least seven people.

INDIA: A massive fire at an oil depot in the western Indian state of Rajasthan has killed at least five people and injured 150 others, officials say. Army soldiers have
joined fire-fighters to put out the fire and rescue the trapped people at the depot in Jaipur. People near the depot have been evacuated, officials said. The depot,
located 16km (10 miles) south of the tourist city of Jaipur, stocks gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuel for state-owned oil companies.
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