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MAR 2010

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 30th April 2010

No information posted

Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 29th April 2010

NIGER: Niger is threatened with total crop failure in some areas and the situation is worse than the 2005 crisis, the UN humanitarian chief has told the BBC. But John
Holmes said the new government is co-operating in aid efforts. Ex-President Mamadou Tandja, toppled in a coup in February, was criticised for doing too little then
and saying the crisis had been exaggerated. Nearly 8m people are affected by the drought this year and the UN says up to $130m (£85.5m) is needed to help them.

CHINA: At least 28 children and three adults are stabbed at a Chinese pre-school, the third such attack in a month.

IRELAND: A house in Co Sligo has been identified with 13 times the acceptable level of radioactive gas radon. The Radiological Protection Institute said the house
was located in the Ballymote area. The radiation dose received by occupants of the house was equivalent to receiving nine chest X-rays per day. Radon is the second
biggest cause of lung cancer in Ireland after smoking and is linked to about 200 lung cancer deaths each year. The Institute warned that homeowners need to take
radon seriously and have their houses tested to ensure that they and their families are not at risk from the hazardous gas.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 28th April 2010

ITALY: If and when Mount Vesuvius wakes up from its long slumber, it will threaten more than a million people, Italy's public safety chief said Tuesday. "Vesuvius
is the biggest public safety problem there is in Italy, because entire towns lie in the area of the volcano and would be invaded by an eruption," Guido Bertolaso said.

USA: Gulf of Mexico -  The US coast guard has said it will set fire to an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday as efforts to stem a leak after a rig blast are
failing. Officials are concerned that, unless controlled, the leak could cause one of the worst spills in US history. Coast Guard Rear Adm Mary Landry has said work
on sealing leaks using robotic submersibles could take months. Around 1,000 barrels are leaking every day after the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and sank last

CANADA: Quebec - A spring snowstorm swept through Quebec leaving more than 35,000 homes and businesses without power Wednesday morning. Heavy wet
snow on tree branches knocked out parts of the electrical grid in Montérégie and in the Eastern Townships.

VIETNAM: Forest fires in a national park are threatening the habitat of the endangered red-crowned crane, Vietnamese officials said Wednesday. The fires have
destroyed 200 hectares of Tram Chim National Park in the Mekong Delta, the latest in a record-setting year of forest fires caused by low rain and hot weather. The
official Vietnam News reported Wednesday that over 500 firefighters, soldiers and police were fighting the blazes using water pumps drawing from nearby canals,
but had failed to control them.

most of them workers at the plant, died as a result of exposure to radiaton. Most of them died immediately after the disaster, but some survived until as late as 2004.
most of them workers at the plant, died as a result of exposure to radiaton. Most of them died immediately after the disaster, but some survived until as late as 2004.
The forum estimates up to 9,000 people could eventually die from radiation exposure - although Greenpeace claims the figure could be much higher, up to 93,000.
The contamination spread across neighbouring Belarus, and into Europe. In north Wales, sheep on some 350 farms still have to be tested for radiation before their
meat can be eaten. A concrete sarcophagus was hastily built to cover the damaged reactor, but it is weakening over time. It was replaced in 2007. Chernobyl
continued to produce electricity for another 14 years, until international pressure forced its closure in 2000. An official exclusion zone around the plant remains in
place, extending for 30 kilometres (18 miles). It is one of the most radioactive spots on Earth.
place, extending for 30 kilometres (18 miles). It is one of the most radioactive spots on Earth.

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 27th April 2010

GUATAMALA: The Santiaguito volcano showered sand and ash on Monday over a large area of western Guatemala in an "unusual"' and "violent"' eruption, the
national seismological institute said. Winds were carrying the ash in a northeasterly direction from the volcano, 2500 metres above sea level in the province of
Quetzaltenango, 206km west of the capital, it said. The ash plume spread across six provinces, raising fears of damage to crops, the institute said, while classes were
suspended at schools in three provinces. The national disaster reduction coordination agency CONRED increased its alert level to orange, one level below the
maximum red, its director Alejandro Maldonado said. The volcanic activity propelled gray ash more than 8300m into the air, and Conred advised civil aviation
authorities to ban flying within 15km of the volcano. Santiaguito's worst eruption occurred in 1929 when 2500 people were killed.

TAJIKISTAN: The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported 120 cases of "acute flaccid paralysis" in southwestern Tajikistan, of which seven have been
confirmed as Type-1 poliovirus. Most are children under five. Many had onset of paralysis over the past two weeks and 10 children have died. More than 45 of the
children affected had had four or more doses of oral polio vaccine. "Polio importations such as the Tajikistan cases demonstrate our global vulnerability to infectious
disease," said Carol Pandak, head of Rotary International's (RI) PolioPlus programme. "It highlights the fact that polio 'control' is not an option and only successful
eradication will stop polio in resource-poor countries."

NIGER: The UN's food agency has increased aid to Niger, with thousands of people desperate to eke an existence from parched farmland in western Africa's Sahel
region. Ten million people are facing hunger in the region which has been hit extremely hard by the drought. The severe water shortages laid waste to crops last year.
Thousands of people have already left to flock into Maradi, the main city in south central Niger on the southern rim of the Sahara desert. Many people who are too
old or too young have been unable to leave. Crisis talks have been going on between the UN and leaders of Niger's transitional government over the shortfall in money
for an emergency appeal issued for Niger by the United Nations. The UN World Food Programme has announced it will double the number of hungry people it feeds
in Niger.

VIETNAM: A landslide triggered by heavy rains has killed three children in their sleep in Vietnam, an official said Tuesday. The children, all between two and 10 years
old, were buried when a massive rock fell on their house in the northern province of Ha Giang on Monday night. A search is ongoing for the mother and another nine-
year-old boy, local district official Nguyen Thi Duoc said, adding that the family was from the Hmong ethnic minority. Hundreds of people die every year in Vietnam
as a result of landslides, heavy rains, floods and typhoons. The monsoon usually hits the country between July and November, but strong rains at other times of the
year also sometimes cause landslides, particularly in remote mountainous areas.

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 26th April 2010

USA: Southern States - Twelve people are now known to have died in violent storms that tore through several southern US states at the weekend, officials said. Two
people died in Alabama and another 10 lost their lives in Mississippi, after tornadoes generated winds of about 150mph (240km/h). Hundreds of people across the
storm-hit region have been left homeless or without power. Rescue teams have been searching isolated rural areas for survivors. The storms left a path of destruction
at least 50 miles long (80km), with tornadoes also reported in Louisiana and Arkansas, National Weather Service meteorologists said.

NEW ZEALAND: South Island - More than 100 hikers have been evacuated by chopper from New Zealand's most popular walking trail after heavy rain caused
flooding in the South Island. Diminishing food supplies forced the evacuation of 120 hikers on the Milford Track, who had been holed up in huts for the past two
nights, Department of Conservation (DOC) program manager Ross Kerr said on Monday. He said the affected hikers were being flown to the head of Lake Te Anau
before being ferried to Te Anau Downs. Rain has been heavy in the Fiordland National Park and Southland district for three days, prompting the closure of Routeburn
track after flooding cut access.

ISRAEL: An unidentified object, thought to be a fragment of a meteorite, has landed on a beach near Tel Aviv. Israeli police released mobile phone footage of
something burning in the town of Bat Yam, as people gathered round to look. Witnesses said the object began burning as it hit the ground. It has now been taken
away to be examined.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 25th April 2010

PHILIPPINES: A huge blaze has swept through a shanty town outside the Philippines capital, destroying hundreds of homes and leaving thousands of people
homeless. Two hundred fire engines were sent to fight the flames in the Quezon city slum, outside Manila, reports said.

USA: Mississippi - Rescuers fan out to search isolated rural homes in Mississippi after a devastating tornado which killed at least 10 people.

USA: Louisiana - Oil is leaking from a damaged well feeding a rig that sank off Louisiana in what US officials are calling 'a very serious spill'.

IRAQ: Police and hospital officials say an explosion at an iron factory on the outskirts of a northern Iraqi city has killed five workers and wounded 15. Police Chief
Abdul-Khaliq Talaat said the cause of the Sunday explosion just outside the city of Irbil was not immediately known. Irbil is located in Iraq's self-rule Kurdish region
about 217 miles (350 kilometers) north of Baghdad. An Irbil hospital worker confirmed the deaths.

TAIWAN: A massive slice of hill buried a 300-meter stretch of the No.3 Freeway between Taipei and Keelung Sunday, leaving an unclear number of cars buried
under the rubble. At 2:33 p.m., the hill slid down at the 3.1-kilometer mark from the northern end, just north of the Chitu toll station, Keelung Mayor Chang Tung-
jung told reporters

USA: Alabamha - According to Allen County dispatch, about 2,000 pounds of chlorine has leaked at the Superior Aluminum plant in New Haven. The spill happened
about 2:00 p.m. Saturday. Crews were still on the scene around 6 p.m., but dispatch said the leak was under control. New Haven and Fort Wayne HazMat teams are
now at the plant. Dispatch said the chlorine leaked from a 2,000 pound cylinder and the spill is contained inside the building where a vapor cloud has formed.
Superior Aluminum has a 100,000+ square foot building, at 14214 Edgerton Road in New Haven, they use to make aluminum products such as columns, fences and
heavy duty railing.

Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 24th April 2010

AUSTRIA: Vienna police have launched an investigation after an unknown substance was released into an underground station leaving three people hospitalised
Wednesday evening. Officials said it was unclear whether the incident was an attempted terrorist attack, a technical failure or just a hoax. Initial examinations showed
the substance which caused dozens of passengers at the Landstra station to have breathing complications was Hydrazine, an inflammable liquid mainly used as rocket
propellant. Now further investigations are set to take place in a bid to clarify what caused the incident. Two police officers and one passenger were treated at a clinic,
while the station an important city-centre public transport hub had to be closed for two hours. Meanwhile, dozens of panicking passengers had to flee the
underground at Karls Square station last night (Thurs) as smoke from an engine fire engulfed the area. A witness said: "Everyone rushed out of the train when it
entered Karls Square station. The smoke had spread quickly inside and people covered their noses and mouths to escape the pungent smell."

INDONESIA: At least 22 people in an Indonesian village have died and 300 have been poisoned after drinking bootleg liquor laced with methanol. The victims
purchased the liquor last Friday in Karangpete village and many started suffering signs of methanol poisoning over the weekend, said Captain Susetio Cahyadi, police
chief in Central Java's Salatiga district. He said the number of dead could go up because hundreds were thought to have drunk the liquor at local parties and several
people were in poor condition at hospitals.

INDIA: At least two people drowned overnight as flash floods triggered by heavy rains inundated more areas in Assam, displacing over 150,000 people. A
thunderstorm also swept parts of the state, damaging homes and uprooting trees, electric and telephone poles, officials said on Saturday. A government spokesperson
said up to 250 villages in four districts have been hit by the floods so far - Lakhimpur, Dhemaji, Jorhat and Tinsukia.

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 23rd April 2010

No information posted

Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 22nd April 2010

USA: Gulf of Mexico - An oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that caught fire after an explosion on Tuesday has now sunk, the US coastguard has said. The coastguard is
still looking for 11 missing workers after the blast at the Deepwater Horizon rig. There has been no sign of the group despite efforts by patrol boats through the night
and an aerial search that resumed on Thursday. The other workers on the rig, off Louisiana, were evacuated to the US. The rig had been burning for 36 hours when
it sunk despite efforts to control the flames.

INDIA: At least four people were killed and over 50 injured when a tropical storm hit parts of India's remote north-eastern state of Tripura, a news report said
Thursday. Rains accompanied by strong winds and hailstorms left a trail of destruction Wednesday night, damaging more than 2,000 houses and killing many heads
of cattle.

ICELAND: The Eyjafjallajokull volcano remains active but it is not shooting ash and smoke high into the atmosphere like it did recently. The volcano has now
simmered to 80 per cent of its intensity. Although officials said air traffic in Europe would be back to "almost 100%" on Thursday, certain airports in Sweden and
Norway were closed again. Gothenburg's Landvetter and Malmo's Sturup airports in southern Sweden closed late on Wednesday when part of the volcanic ash cloud
took an unexpected turn north. Eurocontrol, the European air traffic agency, said the latest flight restrictions also applied to northern Scotland and parts of Finland.
Tens of thousands of people remain stranded around the world as airlines restart services. The MIC continues monitoring the situation.

SERBIA: One person has died in floods caused by heavy rains in central and southern Serbia. Dozens of people have been evacuated from their homes as rivers
overflowed into houses and onto roads and bridges. The floods could disrupt water supplies in central Serbia.

BANGLADESH: A strong tropical storm named KalBaisakhia caused great damage to lives and livelihoods. Sunamgonj, Khagrasori, Rangamti and Kishoregonj
districts have been affected by the storm. Four people died, infrastructure has been damaged, the electric supply system in the Kishoregonj district has been disrupted.

PHILIPPINES: An electrical fire forced a cargo plane's pilots to attempt an emergency landing in a Philippine rice field when the aircraft burst into flames, killing
three of its six crew. The Russian-made Antonov-12 aircraft was flying from Mactan in the central Philippines and crashed late Wednesday in the field about 22 miles
(35 kilometers) south of Clark airport. Villagers managed to rescue three crew members - two Russians and an Uzbek, who suffered bruises and were brought to a
hospital in nearby Mexico township.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 21st April 2010

SOUTH AFRICA: A luxury tourist train has derailed near the South African capital, Pretoria, killing at least two people and injuring at least 25 more. The dead include
a woman and her baby, who was tragically born moments after the derailment, reports AFP news agency. The train is run by Rovos Rail, which offers "unique train
safaris" in its wood-panelled carriages, some of which have hot showers and air conditioning.

USA: Louisianna - US coast guards are searching the Gulf of Mexico for at least 11 oil workers missing after an explosion and fire on a drilling platform. The rig was
still burning hours after the blast on Tuesday night, 52 miles (84km) south-east of the Louisiana port of Venice. Coast guards spoke of conflicting reports on the
number of missing, which ranged from 11 to 15. Seven badly injured workers were airlifted to hospitals. Workers evacuated the Deepwater Horizon, a semi-
submersible rig operated by Swiss-based contractor Transocean, after the blast at around 2200 on Tuesday (0300 GMT Wednesday).

VIETNAM: A tornado leveled village neighborhoods in central Vietnam April 19, with a total of 11 houses destroyed and 863 others left roofless, local authorities have
reported. Two people were injured and over 170 hectares of rice and other crops were lost to the tornado and hailstorm that swept Quang Nam Province's Nong Son
District. According to the Nong Son District's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, seven schools and a commune health clinic also lost their roofs.

AFGHANISTAN: At least 12 girl students were Wednesday hospitalised after they fell unconscious after inhaling some poisonous substance sprayed in a school in
Afghanistan, a media report said. The 12 students of the Fatima Zahra Girl School, a teacher and an assistant were mysteriously poisoned, Hamayon Khamush,
director of the hospital in Kunduz city. The students alleged that someone had sprayed toxic chemicals in the classroom. Six of the students were discharged after
receiving first aid, the doctor said. A similar incident took place in Shina, a suburb of Kabul, where over a dozen girl students had to be sent to hospital Tuesday after
showing symptoms of poisoning.

USA: Pennsylvania - An ammonia leak at a kosher Pennsylvania poultry plant has led to the evacuation of about 125 people, including six who suffered non-life-
threatening injuries. Emergency crews were called Tuesday night to the Mehadrin Kosher Poultry plant in Birdsboro, which is about 8 miles southeast of Reading.
Exeter Township Sgt. Michael Bailey says ammonia was still leaking as of 11:15 p.m. He says the leak was contained to the plant and no animals were removed. Six
people were taken to the hospital for treatment of exposure to the gas. None of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening.

EARTHQUAKES: Geologists, Professors in Plate Tectonics, Geophysists, Emergency Managers take note......

Women who wear revealing clothing and behave promiscuously are to blame for earthquakes, an Iranian cleric says. Hojjat ol-eslam Kazem Sediqi, the acting Friday
prayer leader in Tehran, said women should stick to strict codes of modesty to protect themselves.

On that basis I predict the next major earthquake will be Miami Beach!

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 20th April 2010

VENEZUELA: A Venezuelan tourist and a Guatemalan guide died in a rock slide caused by an eruption of the Pacaya volcano, located about 50 kilometers (31 miles)
south of Guatemala City, police said on Monday. Mariela Sanchez, a 48-year-old tourist from Venezuela, and guide Gilberto Pineda, 29, were buried by the rock slide.
Pineda was leading a group of 14 tourists on the 2,562-meter (8,400-foot) volcano when an eruption occurred Sunday, causing the rock slide. Two other unidentified
tourists were injured and taken to a private hospital for treatment, the fire department said. Pacaya, located in the southern province of Escuintla, is one of the most
active volcanoes in Guatemala, the Vulcanology Institute said.

CHINA: The quake-jolted area in northwestern China's Qinghai Province was hit by a hailstorm Tuesday noon, which hampered the disaster relief efforts. Xinhua
reporters in Jiegu Township of Yushu Prefecture, or the epicenter, said the hailstorm began at around 12:30 p.m. and ended in 40 minutes, as lunch was served for
quake victims. Thunder was heard from time to time. The peanut-sized hails disrupted the disaster relief efforts for a while, especially the rescue operation in some
areas of Yushu. Meteorologists warned earlier that tents in the quake-stricken area should be fitted with lightning rods, since they were propped up by metal
materials, which made them vulnerable to lightening strikes.

HUMOUR IN DISASTER - An English comedian is being accussed of being incensitive for the following humorous remark, yet it is my experience that in our
darkest moments humour is a human response mechanism ---
'Is nobody suspicious about Iceland? After all the banks go bankrupt they set fire to their island! Sounds like an insurance job to me.'

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 19th April 2010

Lest we forget: 19th April 1995. At 0900 hrs a truck bomb exploded destroying the facade of the ten-storey Alfred Murrah Building, a Federal office building that also
housed a children's nursery. 168 died, including 19 children, with 500+ injured. It remains the worst act of domestic terrorism in the US. The motive was apparently
retaliation for the events of two years previously.

19th April 1993, 77 cult members died in a fire at the Branch Davidian sect headquarters in Waco, Texas, as it was besieged and assaulted by US government
agencies. 4 government agents died in the assault.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 18th April 2010

SAUDI ARABIA: The Civil Defense rescued around 250 people following flash flood in Bisha, Asir, on Saturday. The air wing of the Civil Defense, which received
2,100 distress calls from stranded people, saved 79 of those who called. The Civil Defense has also provided apartments to 146 people affected by the floods. The
village of Al-Baten was totally isolated after a flash flood swept away the only road connecting the village to the rest of the Bisha governorate. The village's power
supply was also cut off. The Civil Defense was working hard to repair the road on Saturday and the Saudi Electric Company was working around the clock to
restore power.

JAMAICA: Heavy rains washed out roadways in mountainous eastern Jamaica and marooned hundreds of people, emergency authorities said on Sunday. Rain has
lashed the Caribbean island since Thursday. Flooding and mudslides were reported in six parishes, including Kingston, which only days before was facing a drought
that authorities called the worst of the century. In the eastern parish of Portland, famed for its Blue Mountain coffee, roadway collapses cut off several areas from
the rest of the island and left residents stranded. "We are reminding all residents in flood prone or low-lying areas to exercise caution and make the necessary plans to
evacuate," the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management said in a statement.

PAPUA NEW GUINES: A 6.3-magnitude earthquake has struck off Papua New Guinea but no tsunami alert has been issued and there are no early reports of
casualties. The US Geological Survey said it had hit at about 0915 local time (2315 GMT) and was centred about 29km (18m) east of the Pacific state's city of Lae.
The quake was registered at a depth of 66km (41m).

Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 17th April 2010

LEST WE FORGET: 17th April 1984: Libyan embassy shots kill policewoman

A police officer has been killed and ten people injured after shots were fired from the Libyan People's Bureau in central London.
WPC Yvonne Fletcher had been helping control a small demonstration outside the embassy when automatic gunfire came from outside.

She received a fatal stomach wound and some of the demonstrators were also severely injured. WPC Fletcher, 25, died soon afterwards at Westminster Hospital. Her
fiance, another police officer who was also at the demonstration, was at her side.

11 days after it began the Libyan diplomats were escorted to Heathrow and onto a plane out of the country. As a police officer assigned to the containment it was a
hard day for not only those of us close to the incident but the whole of the Metropolitan Police Service. We reluctantly had to accept that whoever shot WPC
Fletcher would probably escape justice by claiming diplomatic immunity.

In 1986 a British businessman who had worked for Colonel Gaddafi's regime reported WPC Fletcher's killer had been hanged as soon as he returned to Libya. Britain
restored diplomatic relations with Libya in 1999 after the Libyan Government admitted it bore "general responsibility" for WPC Fletcher's death. It also paid a six-
figure sum in compensation to her family.

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 16th April 2010

CHINA: The number of people killed by a devastating earthquake in China's Qinghai province rises to 1,144, say officials.

EUROPE: European air traffic controllers say flights will be disrupted into the weekend by ash spewing from a volcano in Iceland. Global knock on impacts
economic supply lines as air freight routes are closed. Flower and fruit crops from Africa have been badly affected.

SAUDI ARABIA: A man, his wife and their four children were killed when floodwaters caused by heavy rains swept their car away in southwestern Saudi Arabia,
reported on Friday. The accident occurred on Thursday in a ravine in the Assir region, near the Red Sea, civil defence chief General Abdelwahed Thoubaiti was
quoted as saying. A young man was killed and another injured in the same place, when they were hit by a lightning bolt. Thoubaiti said civil defence workers had
responded to 300 calls for aid in the region, many of whom were trapped in their vehicles by flash floods. Rescue workers were also searching for two persons
reported missing. And a highway running from the southwestern town of Najran to Taef, near Mecca, was cut at one point by floodwaters reaching five metres (16
feet), the general said. Elsewhere in the country, Al-Watan said heavy rains also caused serious property damage in the eastern region of Dahran, but there were no
reports of casualties.

Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 15th April 2010

GLOBAL: Closure of UK / European Airspace has had knock on effects globally. Most restrictions on UK airspace will stay in place until 1300 BST on Friday
because of ash from a volcano in Iceland, air traffic controllers say. But some flights may be allowed after 0100 BST from Northern Ireland and several airports in
Scotland. The volcanic eruption has caused flight cancellations across Europe amid fears the ash could cause engine failures. Up to 600,000 people are thought to
have been affected and up to 5,000 flights could be cancelled. Planes have been grounded in Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and
Finland. France is also preparing to close its main airports.

USA: Several States - Officials think a meteor shower with an unusually large area was the cause of a huge fireball in the sky that was visible from Wisconsin and at
least five other states late Wednesday. And if you missed the show, you might get another chance to see something similar Friday night. Reports called the fireball â
€œmassive,â€� and people from southern Wisconsin and other states claimed they actually felt the ground shake.

NETHERLANDS: Around 450 residents and tourists are being evacuated from the coastal Dutch town of Bergen aan Zee due to a brush fire in the nearby dunes.
Images of the fire and evacuation are being broadcast by national media. No injuries have been reported. The town's mayor, Hetty Hafkamp, told reporters
Wednesday night that the fire, which began in the afternoon, has proved difficult to control due to strong winds. The cause of the fire has not been determined.
Bergen aan Zee is on the North Sea coast about 30 kilometers (20 miles) northwest of Amsterdam.  

Lest we forget: 1989: 15th April 1989 - Football fans crushed at Hillsborough. At least 93 football supporters have been killed in Britain's worst-ever sporting disaster.
They were crushed to death at Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield during the FA Cup semi-final between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool. The crush is said to have
resulted from too many Liverpool fans being allowed in to the back of an already full stand at the Leppings Lane end of the ground.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 14th April 2010

BRAZIL: Landslides triggered by pounding rain in Rio de Janeiro last week killed at least 246 people, officials said Tuesday, adding that the city's famous Christ statue
was cut off for the first time in its eight-decade history. The rise in the death toll reflected the discovery of more bodies in the wreckage of shantytowns knocked off
their precarious mountainside perches by the landslides.

CHINA: At least 400 people die and tens of thousands more are injured as a 6.9 quake hits China's remote Qinghai province, officials say.

TANZANIA: Ten artisanal miners died and eight others were seriously injured after being buried alive by a collapsing mine at Kasame in Geita district, Mwanza
region, police said yesterday. Acting Mwanza regional police commander, Nonosius Komba, said the mine collapsed at around 2:00pm on Monday.

INDIA: Just as the scrap market at Mayapuri was returning to normalcy after radioactive cobalt-60 exposed six people to radiation there, the monitoring agencies
claimed on Tuesday they had found another source of radiation -- the ninth in the area -- still active. This startling claim came after a seventh person, Bablu alias
Babulal, was admitted to AIIMS with symptoms of radiation exposure. A four-member team from the Bhaba Atomic Research Centre (BARC), another 17-member
squad of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and the National Disaster Response Force and an expert from the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
(AERB) were headed for Mayapuri on Tuesday night.

SIERRA LEONE: Twelve people have died after eating fish from a river in southern Sierra Leone which is believed to have been poisoned by fishermen using toxic
herbs to stun their catch, officials said Wednesday.

CANADA: Alberta - A winter storm continues to blast through Southeastern Alberta. Residents are being told to stay at home and only travel if necessary. RCMP
have closed Highway 4 between Milk River and Lethbridge because of poor driving conditions. The storm is being blamed for ongoing power outages. Officials with
Fortis say the storm impacted power supply from the High River and Vulcan area all the way south to the Montana border and east to the Saskatchewan border.

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 13th April 2010

PERU: At least several people were missing after a glacier broke off and plunged into a lake in western Peru on Sunday, causing a 23-meter (75-foot) tsunami that
devastated a nearby town, authorities said on Monday. The incident happened at a lake in the Andes near the town of Carhuaz. It said at least five people remained
missing and that two injured had been taken to a local hospital. According to the Civil Defense, at least 50 houses were destroyed when the tsunami struck. Others
had been damaged by the wave, which flooded the area and destroyed the lake's levees. A water processing plant also was destroyed. Damaging tsunamis are rare,
and are most known to be caused by earthquakes. However, tsunamis can also be generated by other events such as volcanic eruptions and landslides.

ICELAND: A US passenger jet has made an emergency landing in Iceland after reports of chemical fumes in the cabin. A spokesman for Keflavik airport outside
Reykjavik said several crew members on the American Airlines flight had complained of dizziness.

AUSTRALIA: More than a dozen people have been taken to hospital after a gas leak forced the evacuation of an office building in Newcastle, New South Wales.
About 260 people have been forced onto the street after the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) building was evacuated just after 9:00am (AEST). An ambulance
service spokeswoman says 16 people have been taken to the city's John Hunter Hospital with mild respiratory problems.

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 12th April 2010

ITALY: A landslide has derailed a train in north-eastern Italy, killing at least nine people and injuring about 30, Italian media say. The accident occurred in a mountain
valley near the winter sports town of Merano, close to the Austrian border. Trees prevented the train plunging into a river potentially saving many lives, and
firefighters are said to have used cables to secure the wagons.

RUSSIA / POLAND: Poland's acting president is to review travel rules for military officials after the president and other top officials were killed in a plane crash.
Bronislaw Komorowski announced the move as mourning continued for the 96 people killed when the jet crashed in fog while trying to land in western Russia.
[Comment: COG / COOP considerations at last!]

INDIA: An severe heat wave has hit northern and eastern India with temperatures reaching more than 40C (104F). harsuguda in Orissa state recorded 45C (113F). In
Simla, a town in the Himalayan foothills, temperatures rose to a record 27C (80.6F).

CHINA: At least 94 people are suffering from lead poisoning in China's Sichuan Province - most of the victims are children. According to state-run media, nearly all
live near the Zhongyi Alloy Company in Neijang city, and authorities ordered the lead factory to be closed. Cases of lead poisoning have come up across China, where
ill enforced emissions and dumping regulations have taken a toll on public health. High levels of lead can damage the nervous system, the reproductive organs, and
can be lethal.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 11th April 2010

PERU: Approximately 100 pigs were infected with a rare disease, one that presented with patches of bluish-black coloration, allegedly because of problems with
blood circulation, from which many of these poor animals have died. The presence of this disease in pigs in the provinces of Chepen and Pacasmayo was announced
by the veterinary surgeons of this city, Luis Enrique Farro Roque, and Samuel Tapia De la Cruz. They did not state any disease in connection with this case, but the
presumption is "pig cholera" or "swine erysipelas," according to the clinical picture observed.

EGYPT: A sandstorm sweeping across parts of Egypt has forced the closure of ports at the mouth of the Suez Canal and a major desert highway through the Sinai
Peninsula. The dust reduced visibility, and winds whipped up 3.5-meter (11-foot) waves on the Red Sea. Maj. Gen. Mamdouh Diraz, head of the Ports Authority,
says authorities closed the Tawfik and Ain Sukhna ports at the southern mouth of the Suez Canal. Another port was closed across the Sinai in the Gulf of Aqaba, and
the Mediterranean port of El-Arish also had to be shut. A small airport in the northern Sinai was closed. Diraz estimated the winds pushing the dust Sunday were
moving at 22 miles (35 kilometers) per hour. Egypt is regularly hit by sandstorms this time of year.

CHINA: Fourteen people buried in a stone pit landslide in southwest China's Sichuan province remained missing, with rescuers recovering only four vehicles'
wreckage on Sunday. About 250,000 cubic meters of rocks slid more than 20 meters down a hill behind the Shunjiang Quarry in Ledu township, Emeishan city under
Leshan city at about 1:50 pm Wednesday. The buried included nine truck drivers and five other quarry workers. Twelve of them were from Emeishan while the other
two were from Shizhong district of Leshan city and Meishan city, said Zhang Yili, the city's deputy mayor. Rescuers were digging two tunnels to reach the buried,
and the efforts were continuing, Zhang said.

Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 10th April 2010

RUSSIA: President Lech Kaczynski and scores of other senior Polish figures have been killed in a plane crash in Russia. Polish and Russian officials said no-one
survived after the plane apparently hit trees as it approached Smolensk airport in thick fog. Russian media reports said the pilots ignored advice from air traffic
control to divert to another airport. Poland's army chief, central bank governor, MPs and leading historians were among more than 80 passengers.

INDIA: Two persons died due to heatstroke in Gujarat's Himmatnagar district which is reeling under a heat wave, police said. 40-year-old Mukeshbhai Naik
succumbed to heatstroke while working in his field at village Choteumdepura in Idar taluka yesterday, they said. Mercury soared to 44.6 degrees Celsius in Idar
today, Met officials said. In another incident, a body of an unidentified man aged between 40-45 years was found near a temple yesterday. According to police, he
died of heatstroke.

RUSSIA: A search and rescue team has found the bodies of eight people from under an avalanche after a helicopter with a group of German tourists went missing on
the Kamchatka Peninsula earlier on Saturday, a Far East Emergencies Ministry spokesman said. According to Sergei Viktorov, a total of 18 people were initially on
board the MI-8 Hip helicopter that failed to make radio contact at a specified time. Search operations were immediately started and another helicopter pilot spotted the
missing aircraft at the base of a mountain under an avalanche and reported that the helicopter was damaged. One German tourist and the pilot's grandson are in
serious condition and have been transported to a hospital in Yelizova. Viktorov said that only the three helicopter crew members were found inside the aircraft, and
the remaining passengers were on the ground in the snow when the avalanche occurred. The avalanche buried 14 German tourists and one other passenger.

Lest we forget: 10th April 1972 - Earthquake kills thousands in Iran. Up to 4,000 people are thought to have died in a massive earthquake in southern Iran. The quake
centred on the town of Ghir, where almost 1,000 people were feared dead. The nearby city of Jahrom was also hit, and the tremors were also felt in the ancient city
of Shiraz, 100 miles (160 km) away. Ghir, a busy farming town of about 7,000 people, is reported to have been destroyed, along with up to 60 of the surrounding

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 9th April 2010

USA: Alabama - Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant spilled about 1,000 gallons of water contaminated with radioactive tritium Wednesday morning, according to a report
filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The water escaped from a condensate storage tank. It poured on the ground for at least two hours at an estimated rate
of two gallons per minute, according to the report. According to the report, Tennessee Valley Authority operators are attempting to mitigate the spill to avoid
contamination of groundwater.

INDIA: Five people fell seriously ill after being exposed to some radioactive material, reportedly present in medical waste equipment at a scrap dealer's shop in
Mayapuri in west Delhi on Thursday night, police said. The skin of two persons reportedly turned completely black. They also had burn injuries and rashes all over
their bodies. Police said the victims had been exposed to radiation for the past few days. These people were sleeping in a room where the medical waste equipment
had been stored. They showed allergic reactions and started vomiting when exposed to the radiation. We have cordoned off the area around the factory as a
precautionary measure, said Ajay Kashyap, joint commissioner of police (southern range). They were sent to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).
Preliminary investigations revealed the waste material had come from a city hospital. A team of experts were sent to the factory where the incident took place and the
police were investigating the source of the medical equipment. We have seized the equipment and sent it for further examination. We are taking the help of
researchers and experts to know what caused the radiation, said Sharad Agarwal, DCP (west). The shop is located in a congested locality and police suspect that
more people could be affected.

USA: Pensylvania - HAZMAT incident at Electric Materials Co. in Eerie County put 20 employees and responding EMS in hospitals around the county. The accident
occurred when an employee in the plant's plating department dumped a mixture into a barrel containing other chemicals about 6:30 a.m., causing a reaction.

ITALY: An ash eruption occurred at the summit of Mt Etna volcano, Italy on 8th April 2010. The eruption occurred at the lower east flank of the Southeast Crater.
The eruption increased the crater from 10 m to 50 m. The eruptions were preceded by a series of earthquakes at the Pernicana fault on 2nd April. This was the first
time in 6 years that earthquakes occurred in this location on Mt Etna (NE flank). The largest earthquake was magnitude 4.2.  

Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 8th April 2010

BRAZIL: A new mudslide sweeps away dozens of houses near Rio as the number of dead since Monday's torrential downpours rises to 150.

UGANDA: At least 30 people have died since Easter Sunday after reveling villagers in Uganda's south-western district of Kabale drank adulterated alcohol, reports said
Thursday. At least 10 people have also gone blind after drinking the deadly brew, government daily The New vision reported. The government in September banned
the sale of alcohol packed in plastic sachets after dozens died from taking the drink, which was mixed with industrial ethanol.

CANADA: A leak in an Enbridge Oil pipeline has spilled more than 1,500 litres of crude oil into a creek near the town of Virden. The leak was discovered after local
residents noticed pools of oil on the surface of Boghill Creek. It's not the size of the spill that is most concerning, but the location, said Virden Mayor Bruce Dunning.
"By oil field standards, you know, it's a small to average spill site. But there is a big difference between [a spill] on a flowing water body and on solid land," he said.
Water from the creek eventually flows into the Assiniboine River, Dunning noted, adding he's heard reports that some fish and birds may have been contaminated.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 7th April 2010

ENGLAND: Two firefighters killed while tackling a fire at a high-rise block of flats in Southampton. James Shears, 35, and Alan Bannon, 38, died at the 15-storey
Shirley Towers in Church Street where fire broke out just after 2000 BST on Tuesday. James Shears, 35, and Alan Bannon, 38, died at the 15-storey Shirley Towers
in Church Street where fire broke out just after 2000 BST on Tuesday. [Our thoughts are with the families and colleagues of our departed EM colleagues]

INDONESIA: A tsunami alert has been lifted after an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 hit the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The quake's epicentre was 204km
(127 miles) northwest of Sibolga on Sumatra's coast, at a depth of nearly 48km, the US Geological Survey said. Three aftershocks were reported in the northern
province of Aceh, but there were no reports of casualties.

FRANCE: One person was killed and 11 others injured following an explosion at a factory on the outskirts of Paris early on Wednesday, police said. The explosion
occurred at around 4.30 a.m. (0230 GMT) at a plant in the suburb of Gennevilliers operated by carbon and graphite components manufacturer Carbone Lorraine. The
causes of the explosion were not known, police said.

Lest we forget: 7th April 2009 -  The Italian city of L'Aquila is holding a series of events to mark the first anniversary of the earthquake that killed 300 and left 60,000
homeless. Some 4,000 people are still living in temporary accommodation while others have been accommodated in new flats outside the city's centre - which is still
closed, to the anger of many.

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 6th April 2010

BRAZIL: At least 79 people are killed after heavy rain causes landslides and flooding in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, officials say.

USA: West Virginia - Twenty-five miners are killed and four are missing after the worst US mining disaster for more than a quarter of a century.

KENYA: Seven people were killed in Kenya after their vehicles were swept by flash flood along the Narok-Mai Mahiu highway. Among those killed in the incident
include a baby as torrential rain hit several parts of the country. The seven died after their saloon cars were swept away by floods. Several other resident of Narok
town were still missing. In the last two weeks 10 people have been killed in Turkana in Northern Kenya while three others were killed in Taveta district of the coast.

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 5th April 2010

MEXICO: A 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit northwestern Mexico, killing two people, rocking buildings as far away as Los Angeles and sending emergency teams
scrambling to survey damage on Monday.
Sunday's earthquake jolted millions of people from as far away as Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and Phoenix, Arizona. Most of the damage and injuries were
centered in and around the Mexican border city of Mexicali.

KENYA: Eleven people have been killed and 1,200 others displaced by floods in the larger Turkana district over the last two weeks. One more person was swept by
floods after River Turkwel burst its banks following heavy rains pounding the area while another died in Mogotio District.

VIETNAM: The Director of the Bac Kan provincial Health Department, Nong Quoc Chi, confirmed an A/H5N1-infected case on April 5. The patient, Trung Van Hoa,
22, from Na Tao hamlet, Nhu Co commune, Cho Moi district, is currently in critical condition. He is being treated at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases. The
patient got sick on March 30 with symptoms of high fever and cough. He was admitted to Bac Kan provincial hospital, and then sent to the Central Hospital for
Tropical Diseases on April 3 where he tested positive for the lethal strain of A/H5N1 virus. At present, four other people in Nhu Co commune show similar symptoms
of high fever and cough. They are under quarantine and being treated at Bac Kan provincial hospital.

AZERBAIJAN: A landslide took place in Gulezi village of Azerbaijanâ's Guba region, covering two-hectare area. A house was completely destroyed as a result of
landslide and five were seriously damaged. The disaster isolated a residential quarter from the village. Officials of the Ministry of Emergency Situations inspected the
site. Recent intensive rainfall caused flooding and landslide in the village. The disaster seriously damaged agricultural fields and local cemetery as well.

AZERBAIJAN: Private houses and state institutions, as well as 6 villages were flooded as a result of torrential rains on April 4-5. 70 percent of Agsu city, more than
100 private houses, cellars, yards were flooded, movement of people had become difficult as a result of stream waters which appeared after torrential rain.
Administrative buildings of the Statistic Department, Capital Bank, boarding-school, State Firefighting Service, Military Commissariat were flooded. The level of water
tolls to 1 meter in some places of the city. Moreover, serious problems occurred in Padarchol, Bozavand, Dashdemirli, Aghabeyli, Garametti and Takla villages.
Cellars and yards were flooded at about 70 private houses. Cars and forces of the State Firefighting Service of Agsu and Goychay region have been involved in
floating the water to other place. Deputy Head of Aghsu Region Executive Power, Chairman of Agsu Emergency Situations Commission Igbal Mikayilov said that the
reason of the flood is worthless sewerage system.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 4th April 2010

AUSTRALIA: Queensland - A Chinese ship is in danger of breaking up after running aground off north-east Australia, sparking fears of a major oil spill into the Great
Barrier Reef. The Shen Neng 1, carrying 950 tonnes of oil, ran aground 70km (43 miles) off the east coast of Great Keppel Island. Some oil has already leaked and
there are fears the coal-carrier may split into parts, causing a greater spillage.

CHINA: Nine workers are rescued from a flooded coal mine in northern China, where 153 miners have been trapped for a week.

CHINA: KAP - A family of four were killed in a landslide in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Saturday, local authorities said. The landslide
happened in the morning in the countryside of Nilka County, in the Kazak Autonomous Prefecture of Ili, according to a statement of the Xinjiang regional
government. The county government immediately dispatched rescuers to the site after receiving the disaster report at 10 a.m., and the four bodies were retrieved at 7
p.m., the statement said. The dead were a couple and their son and daughter, it said.Rising temperatures have led to avalanches and floods in parts of Ili since mid-
February. An avalanche killed three people and trapped hundreds in an iron mining zone on Feb. 23. Local authorities have strengthened monitoring of possible
geological disasters.  

Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 3rd April 2010

PERU: At least 20 people have been killed in central Peru after heavy rains sparked a mudslide that engulfed a small village, officials have said.The mudslide struck the
village in the Huanuco region. At least another 25 people are reportedly missing. At least 120 homes had been damaged or destroyed, the officials added. Civil defence
chief Hipolito Cruchaga said emergency teams were at the scene, and that aid was being provided to those who had been made homeless. The deadly mudslide was
the second in as many days in Peru. On Thursday, five people were killed in the town of Cancejos.

USA: Illinois - A total of 19 people, including nine children, were assisted by the American Red Cross following a reported chemical spill Thursday night in south
suburban Blue Island. Late Thursday, the Blue Island Fire Department confirmed that crews were on the scene of a reported chemical spill in the 12700 block of
Hoyne Avenue in Blue Island. Dispatch reports indicated a hazardous materials incident was reported about 8:30 p.m. and a full HazMat response was initiated about 9
p.m. The American Red Cross was notified and responded to a HazMat situation at 12747 Hoyne Avenue to assist 10 adults and nine children, according to Red
Cross spokeswoman Jackie Mitchell. The Red Cross provided clothing, shelter, food and medication, Mitchell said. Blue Island police and fire personnel declined to
comment early Saturday, but sources said one man was taken to the hospital for an inhalation injury.

AUSTRALIA: WA - Twenty houses have been damaged by flooding in Kambalda West, 630km north-east of Perth, after massive storms swept through the
Goldfields overnight. Water in the town was up to waist height in some areas as the town received 77mm of rain in the downpour, nearly double the Perth April
rainfall average of 44mm. Homes on Saltbush Road, Pittosporum Street and Grevillea Crescent were hit and five volunteers from the Kambalda fire and rescue
service have been busy assessing the damage and assisting homeowners since the early hours of the morning. The water was still too high to pump out and the crew
was removing fences to allow the water to flow through, Kambalda volunteer fire and rescue captain Darren McCarthy said.

CANADA: BC - British Columbians are being blown away as a tumultuous holiday weekend windstorm sweeps across the province causing massive power outages
and travel woes. B.C. Hydro says more than 90,000 customers on Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast and the Lower Mainland were without power Friday
afternoon as high winds toppled trees onto lines and roads, causing severe damage to equipment.

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 2nd April 2010

USA: Washington - Skagit County Fire is responding to reports of a possible explosion at an oil refinery in Anacortes. Airlift Northwest confirms it is sending three
helicopters to Anacortes for a refinery explosion. Several people have called KING 5 News about hearing or feeling an explosion. One caller, Jason Chinchen, says he
lives three to four miles away from the refinery and felt his windows shake. Chinchen said immediately after, there was a noise that sounded like a jet flying
overhead, a kind of loud wind. Chinchen took some pictures and video of the refinery in the distance. The pictures show what appears to be the glow of flames at the

ICELAND: Southern Iceland suffered a second crater eruption Wednesday evening, leaving a 100 km rift and forcing evacuations in a nearby town, according to
reports reaching here from Reykjavik Thursday. “The formation of the new rift was similar to that at the beginning of the first eruption. This could lead to a
stream of lava flowing towards Thorsmork, situated in the south of Iceland between the glaciers Tindfjallajokull and Eyjafjallajokull," one geologist was quoted as
saying. The new rift literally opened before the eyes of scientists at the scene, said a report of the Iceland Review said.

UGANDA: Experts from the Ministry of Health in Kampala are in Mityana district to investigate a strange disease that has reportedly hit the area. The disease that is
reported to have symptoms similar to that of Ebola broke out in Mityana north last week. Two people and seven children are reportedly ill suffering from vomiting
and diarrhea. The Minister of State for Primary Health Care, James Kakooza says he cannot confirm whether the disease is Ebola until the health experts give the
ministry of Health a report. Some of the victims now admitted at Mityana district Hospital say they feel pain all over their body.

PERU: A landslide in northern Peru on Thursday killed at least five people and left three others missing, the country's national institute of civil defense said. The
landslide, occurring near the town of Cancejos in Huanuco province, destroyed 10 houses, damaged 43 houses and blocked a section of the inter-provincial highway.
Rescuers have already been sent to the disaster area. Cancejos is 550 km northeast of the capital city of Lima. The institute of civil defense said the landslide was
triggered by downpours which lasted over five hours in the area. Another landslide a week earlier killed seven people in the mining province of Puno in eastern Peru.  

Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 1st April 2010

UK: 17-year-old schoolgirl died Wednesday in a bus crash as heavy snowstorms paralysed transport links and cut power to thousands of people in Scotland and
northern England, emergency services said. Eleven other children were injured in the early morning accident in southern Scotland when the bus plunged over the side
of a bridge in heavy blizzards.

Northern Ireland: Heavy rain, snow and gale force winds have knocked out electricity supplies and made driving conditions hazardous in parts of the country. Around
50,000 households are still without power in Northern Ireland. The worst affected areas are Omagh and Dungannon in Co Tyrone and Coleraine, Co Derry. Roads
across Northern Ireland, particularly those in Derry, are closed because of flooding and fallen trees. Hundreds of passengers at Belfast International Airport spent the
night in hotels because of cancelled flights. A number of ferry sailings on the Irish Sea have been cancelled.

INDIA: An earthquake of magnitude 6.6 and depth 41.7km has struck an moderately populated area in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Province (population: 0.2
million) in India. A tsunami wave of some 0,6m was generated.

USA: New England - The worst floods in decades washed over large areas of the northeastern United States on Thursday as authorities mobilized emergency services
to brace for more to come. In one of the worst hit states, Rhode Island, Governor Donald Carcieri told all non-essential government employees to stay at home
Wednesday, recommending that businesses, schools and local government buildings also close.

FIJI: The bill for the devastation caused by Cyclone Tomas in Fiji earlier this month has reached 67 million Fiji dollars (35 million US), a disaster official said
Wednesday. The category four cyclone hit the north and east of the Pacific nation two weeks ago, packing winds averaging 175 kilometres (109 miles) an hour and
leaving three people dead.

CHINA: China said Wednesday that more than 24 million people were short of drinking water because of a crippling drought, the worst to hit the country in a
century. Most of those affected live in the southwest where meteorologists say the situation will not improve until the rainy season, which should kick off after May

USA: FEMA & NASA have asked for a $2million budget to establish the Office of Space Emergency Management to prepare plans for emergencies aboard the
International Space Station or future Luna colony. Linking today's date to the announcement citing Regulation 1410 of their charter of cooperation as a good time for
such a request.

CHINA: A gas explosion at a coal mine in central China killed 12 people and left 32 missing, reported on Thursday, even as rescuers worked to save 153 workers at a
different mine in Shanxi province. Wednesday's gas explosion in Henan province destroyed the entrance of a mine owned by private Guomin Mining Co in Yichuan
county, near the city of Luoyang. Eight miners and four people on the surface were killed, while 50 miners escaped. About 32 were trapped in the mine, but the
explosion caused a two-storey building to cave in, leaving the exact number killed unknown.

CAMBODIA: Laboratory tests have confirmed that five people who died of severe vomiting and diarrhoea in Kratie province last month had contracted cholera,
according to a health official who declined to provide further information on the number of cholera cases reported nationwide for fear it would impact tourism.
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