1. Identify applicable Hazards (Natural)
a. Hurricane
b. Floods from seawall breaches
c. Floods from rains
d. Landslides
2. Determine agency roles per hazard
3. Determine actions per hazard (in order, if possible)
4. Assign responsibilities (identify by agency position – names can be assigned to the completed plan)
5. Indicate inter-agency coordination required
6. Detail intra-agency communication
7. List all important agency equipment (include type, make, status, operator, contact info etc)
a. Vehicles
b. Heavy equipment
c. Radios
8. Compile Emergency contact list (Name, address, phone etc)
9. Inform the general public of the agency’s roles and responsibilities (in coordination with ODP) though public awareness and education
10. Obtain hazard maps and other general maps
11. List other needs (fuel supply, maintenance of equipment and vehicles, backup systems etc)


1. Staff involvement is critical to ownership of the plan
2. Staff must be fully briefed on all aspect of the plan
3. The plan must be tested in mock settings
4. The plan must be provided to all staff members
5. Training is critical
6. Ministry support important
7. A senior officer to be assigned to oversee implementation of the plan. However the execution of the plan is the responsibility of all staff members.


1. List and obtain materials required
2. List and secure maps required
3. List all Agency Equipment available with specifics
4. List all items to be secured (Interior and Exterior)
5. List actions to be done (e.g. check windows and doors, check guttering, check shutters, weekly backup of data files etc)
6. List critical documents to be secured and determine secure locations
7. Compile Emergency contact list (Name, address, phone etc)
8. Detail Intra & Inter-agency coordination/communication required
9. Lists mitigation and preventative actions required
10. Determine Agency roles and responsibilities (general and specific)
11. Assign roles and responsibilities - including supervisory responsibilities
12. Ensure that all staff members are fully briefed on all aspects of the plan and their role and responsibilities
13. Plan and execute simulation exercises


14. List actions required on watch or warning
15. Detail relevant procedures
16. Determine Agency roles and responsibilities (for immediate pre-event)
17. Detail Disaster Plan Activation procedure


18. List actions required post event
19. Detail relevant procedures
20. Determine Agency roles and responsibilities (for post-event)
21. Conduct Damage assessment (using appropriate forms)
22. Determine Needs (Immediate, Medium and Long term)
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