The test was a combination of easy, hard and funny questions or statements.
The correct box was ticked (TRUE or FALSE).

1.   A hurricane watch is when hurricane conditions are possible within 36 hours. (TRUE)
2.   Candles should not be used during a hurricane. (TRUE)
3.   1 teaspoonful of chlorox per 10 gallons of water will purify water and make it drinkable. (TRUE)
4.   In a hurricane, you should use your phone to call all your friends and family (FALSE)
5.   If the seas recedes from the shoreline, it is prudent to run or drive to high ground. (TRUE)
6.   In an earthquake, you should immediately run out of your house into the street. (FALSE)
7.   Are all these items part of a disaster kit (water, food, money, medicine) (TRUE)
8.    Each person should have no more than 1 gallon of water with them in a shelter. (FALSE)
9.    If your fire alarm, activates when there is no fire, you should turn it off. (FALSE)
10.  A hurricane warning is when hurricane conditions are expected within 24 hours (TRUE)
11.  If you hear a noise outside your home during a storm, you should not investigate it. (TRUE)
12.  Driving or playing in flood waters is a cool thing to do. (FALSE)
13.  Trees should not be cut near the house prior to a hurricane. (FALSE)
14.  It is generally a good thing to move a car accident victim who is unconscious. (FALSE)
15.  After a hurricane, you should not go sight seeing to see the damage caused. (TRUE)
16.  The first thing you should do in an oil spill is to hide the evidence of the spill. (FALSE)
17.  Filling your car with gas is a dangerous thing to do before a hurricane. (FALSE)
18.  Painting your smoke alarm is a good thing as it help to make them blend in. (FALSE)
19.  After a storm or hurricane, you should not immediately drink water from the water pipe. (TRUE)
20.  Swimming in water with sharks present is a cool thing. (FALSE)
21.  If a rip current carries you out to sea, it is best to initially swim parallel to the shore (TRUE)
22.  Storms that passed close to Nevis includes (George, Marilyn, Ivan, Lenny, Lois) (FALSE)
23.  The best way to stay afloat is to lie on your back with your arms and legs out (TRUE)
24.  If your pet is left inside your house in a fire, you should go back in to rescue it. (FALSE)
25.  Did Hurricane George strike Nevis in 1997? (FALSE)
26.  If your house floods, the best thing to do is to swim though the water. (FALSE)
27.  When fishing by boat, one safety item to carry is a flare (TRUE)
28.  Earthquakes are caused by movements in the Earth's crust (TRUE)
29.  If there is a calm period during a hurricane, it means that the hurricane is over. (FALSE)
30.  When you go fishing, you should not tell anybody where you will be going. (FALSE)

WINNERS STATISTICS (19 persons took the quiz)
Prizes presented at VON Radio in a brief ceremony on Tuesday 26th July.

1 person got 27 answers correct  (WINNER - Vaden Jones) - Prize complements TDC
4 persons got 26 answers correct (2nd place Winners: Deserey Ottley, Joann MacMullin, Arnold
Cornez & Rohini Last) - Prizes complements TDC & Super Foods
6 persons got 25 answers correct (including a 9 year old female - Special Award complements NDMO)
1 person got 24 answers correct
2 persons got 23 answers correct
2 persons got 22 answers correct
1 person got 17 answers correct
1 person got 16 answers correct
1 person got 10 answers correct
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