The "2005 NEVIS DISASTER PLAN " is a document which details the mobilisation of human and material resources of the island in planning, training and managing
the various aspects of a disaster or major emergency in order to return the island to a state of normalcy as quickly as possible. The plan, being a dynamic document,
is being updated. A final 2005 version will be available in July. It is expected that a comprehensive revision will be undertaken for 2006, with the assistance of USAID

It includes:
(a) the establishment of the Nevis Disaster Management Committee, the structure of the various emergency committees, the roles and functions of Government
Ministries and key departments, Public Utilities, Statutory Bodies, non governmental and other voluntary organisations
(b) the roles and functions of all agencies before, during and after a disaster.
(c) the emergency telecommunications network.
(d) the coordination between the various committees within the organisation.
(e) the post disaster relief, and rehabilitation mechanism.

A key component for the successful implementation of the Nevis Disaster Plan is a continuous public information and education programme to foster the awareness
of the public to the roles which they can play in preventing, mitigating and dealing with disaster situations.

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